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  1. Hazcat

    Yamaha TT500 1976

    Unbelievable! Can not be replaced! Undergoing a full restoration. Family Heirloom
  2. Hazcat

    Yamaha TT500 (1976)


    Unbelievable! Can not be replaced! Undergoing a full restoration. Family Heirloom
    Makes the bike so much more comfortable
  3. Crappy photo but got new mirrors tonight for my bike and have ordered a eliminator like the above post as well as some clickngo indicators :-) STILL yet to get bush and won't be until next yeah now as we have to move house but at lease I can ride it on the road :-)
  4. Thank dude. Unfortunately these photos don't work for me (I can't see them just getting and error)
  5. Air box snorkel? I checked under the seat at the top of the air box and there is a big square hole there, is that where the snorkel may have been?
  6. Hello fellow Aussies drz dudes just wondering if anyone has managed to put a tail tidy on and keep the indicators etc? The tail tidy I looked at from Suzuki eliminates the indicators and would make it not roadworthy. Any ideas or links etc that people know of as I really do t like the big knob looking tail light on my bike and would like to replace it and the indicators
  7. My new bike, love it so much!! Did my first 'service' last night on it and had a nice surprise - all the noises it was making are now gone....turns out oil and chain lube make a world of difference :-) Would like to get a new sticker kit in time to liven it up a little. Since this is for Aussies are there any ride groups or clubs etc based around Melbourne? I'd love to meet like minded people and be able to go bush with a group of people sometimes Cheers BK
  8. Wow ok that's high. Where do I get a tacho?
  9. No not comparing it to anything just noise levels I suppose. I rode today with it in 4th at 60 and it's still got plenty of poke if I give the throttle a nice twist so it must be ok Cheers
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