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  1. Check the valves to start with. Air filters and oil are the biggest thing. I would think about doing a top end tare down and inspection. You can inspect the crank, piston, head, valves, seats. If you're looking for reliability and you want to spend, complete rebuild it. As far as suspension is concerned, it's a good idea to disassemble and clean/grease linkage, swing arm, and grease your wheel bearings. If your changing your transmission oil, pop off the clutch cover and have a look at your clutch baskets and plates. Sadly race bike clutches get used and abused. The only after market thing I would consider is a full exhaust system. Give us some pictures. I have the exact bike, and I will post on Saturday.
  2. The screaming rocket ship -
  3. Wow. That's a lot of extra work, but I guess it's worth it. Funny thing is that I blew it up again shortly after because my wiscoe crank went and my reeds shattered. Then it was a complete rebuild.
  4. I kicked and kicked a cr after a top end. Suddenly it fires up and just screamed. Crank seals were leaking. It's always depressing when a fresh rebuild messes something up.
  5. In other words NEVER reuse gaskets.
  6. Take the plug out and cycle it a bunch of times and see how much WD comes out. I'd try that fist.
  7. That's what the problem is. Can't reuse gaskets.
  8. Does it feel like it's got some good compression?
  9. Just my preferences in order: -Kickstand -hand guards -good soft terrane rubber -high heat coolant -oversized rads and braces -suspension set up
  10. Don't run it. For all we know some goofball but a spare plug in. Stick to what your service manual said. Good for you, for checking the manual.
  11. New mx3s. I love that tire.
  12. Hate the music. It's always used to mask crummy videos. Must be hard wide open riding to keep me interested. If it's in the woods it's gotta be scenic or daring. I always like the motovlog once in a while.
  13. A. Don't make a big long write up about the other day when you were riding or how many aftermarket parts you have and when and why you got them. B. Don't max the amount of pictures you can post... it looks desperate. C. Make sure the bike is clean clean clean. That's the biggest thing. D. Bikes are hard to sell in the summer let alone winter.
  14. Vice works good. The one time I couldn't figure out why the bearing wouldn't come out, and why I was cranking on the vice so hard. Turns out I left a washer in the linkage and was fighting aluminum. Maybe I best stick to the vice or I would bust a lot of aluminum.[emoji37]
  15. Your not back in the real game until you get a two stroker. [emoji12]