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  1. Yeah that's a boring track. O well, Eli will make up for the lack of excitement. LOL
  2. It's about to get real good.
  3. Don't overlook ANYTHING. Something not right? Study the problem until you find the cause. I think people get excited when the owner starts the bike up, and it's easy to forget to take note of how many kicks it took to start, was it hot, etc. Pay attention to noises. Don't just assume that's what that model sounds like. - Missing sprocket guards - Swing arm holes - cheep or rotting air filters He just rebuilt the engine and your noticing half the bolts are missing on the outside? Something is definitely missing inside the engine.
  4. What's that? Should I know?
  5. TT should just auto delete all oil threads.
  6. Close your eyes and pick one. Your piston doesn't care.
  7. Glad two strokes are still being ridden. Who says they're too hard to ride?
  8. That's how it's done. Set your reasonable goals, then pursue them giving it all you have.
  9. Very true if you want to live for your dirt bike. If you want your house paid off and hope to ever retire some day, making money should be a higher priority in the first couple of years starting out when he has good health. Flipping every extra last nickel he has at a dirt bike will eventually catch up. Good for the op for getting into welding. Lots of potential in that job.
  10. Sell your bike if you want to get ahead in life. [emoji12] Its not a cheep hobby for someone who is starting out. I would sell the bike, and use the repairing/riding time to work more, use the funds to give yourself a better financial foundation, and then a few years down the road buy a bike again and ride. It will be much more enjoyable.
  11. If you need help figuring out a good deal on Craigslist or wondering if it's in good shape, your TT friends are always here to help! [emoji4]
  12. Nice! I plan on powder coating my wheels this winter. Other than that it's built. Yes, if he starts on a small bike, he will easily be able to work his way up to a nice 300 2T for the woods.
  13. 15 I have been riding for a little over 2 years. Third bike, started on a ttr125, then to a cr125, a crf 450x, now the cr250.
  14. My husky had a Briggs in it and it was junk. So now I have a Kawasaki. Seems to be lasting. Always blows fuel pumps though.