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  1. If you have any doubt that you don't have it together right, take it all out and double check everything with the manual, reassemble, and put the second case on. Then it's easy to test.
  2. Good for Honda. Next we want to see the cr 300rx!
  3. You want bottom for trail riding so 300 would be best...
  4. You should buy a 230. You have outgrown your bike.
  5. Mount that ^^ on the handle bars of your bike pointing toward the rider. Throw a real 12 Ga. load in there and your bike is not going anywhere. Just don't forget about it in the morning.
  6. That's how those carbs work. They are unpredictable and extremely unreliable. Try what the last guy said for sure^^
  7. That's almost guaranteed to be the problem. CR 250s must have the fuel shut off on the stock carbs. Otherwise they constantly are leaking into the engine and flooding it when you go to try to start it.
  8. I mean in between those two days.
  9. Did you shut your fuel off?
  10. roczen

    Lol I love it when there are two guys so close in skill level, that they are side by side the entire time. Those are exciting races!
  11. roczen

    Yes slow is not the term: the current racers are very fast no doubt about it. Yet there is the odd one who is extremely fast. That's who we are missing. The guy who has an extra 10% of speed. It's so obvious when you see them.
  12. You just have to be careful using synthetic in some transmissions. Other than that check and see what your manual says for viscosity and stick to it. I personally run motul.
  13. Clean it up and see if it reappears.
  14. Usually a lot and you have to send it away because most machine shops will not even attempt to play around with such a no tolerance crank.
  15. Do you remember if it was black or brown?