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  1. Hudson Charlton

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    This is my last experience with buying a blown 4t. I picked up one this year, looked it all over and thought I was laughing. Turns out the cylinder was cracked, head was totalled and I thought I would be fine until got to the bottom end. Both cases had a hole punched into the tranny from the broken rod. I then realized I way overpaid. I enjoy rebuilding bikes but I kinda have a sour taste for 4 strokes. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that a rolling frame is worth much. Builds can be a lot of fun and rewarding. Great article Paul.
  2. Hudson Charlton

    Slipping clutch progressively worse

    I've installed the new clutch and the bike is back on it's wheels. It actually pulls very hard. The old springs must have been getting week. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hudson Charlton

    Slipping clutch progressively worse

    I ended up ordering EBC for $160 or something. I couldn't make myself go premium and tusk kinda made me cringe. My shop told me they sell a lot of them.
  4. Hudson Charlton

    Honda 250x or 450x

    I had the 450x and it pulled nicely. Had a nice top speed too. If your upgrading from a 230 you probably won't be that impressed with a 250.
  5. Hudson Charlton

    Slipping clutch progressively worse

    Ok so I measured the plates and they were right at the service limit. I am about to order a new set, what brand do you guys like best? There is a big price range and it's hard to know what's paying for name and what's paying for junk.
  6. Hudson Charlton

    Slipping clutch progressively worse

    There's no way I'm more than 10 hours on the oil. I do change it often. I will measure the plates and find out what's up.
  7. Hudson Charlton

    Slipping clutch progressively worse

    02 CR250 with low hours. I noticed it slipping a day ago even though I tried giving more free play. I was out of adjustment length and couldn't get enough clearance at the leaver. The following day I just started my ride and it was so bad I couldn't spin the tire. I immediately stopped and pulled the clutch cover and found some very dirty oil. I removed the springs and inspected the plates looking for obvious damage. I haven't had clutch problems before, so I really don't know what to look for. Are my springs worn out. Could that huge clutch nut have come loose? I've been running the same oil for a long time. Is my clutch worn out already?
  8. Hudson Charlton

    Fmf silencer need help

    I just use a big rubber mallet and swing at the mounts while holding the pipe. Be prepared to buy a new silencer if you start getting chains out.
  9. Hudson Charlton

    2 stroke or 4 stroke

    Guess I was referring to racing bikes. 300s are a different story. Probably a great bike for the op as if he's mostly trail ridding.
  10. Hudson Charlton

    2 stroke or 4 stroke

    A 4t is more easygoing and heavy, easier to ride because it doesn't matter what gear your in. It just pulls hard. A t2 will try it's best to rip your hands off the grips. You have to be intense and focused or your back end will shoot out. It lacks bottom end yet it's much harder to stall making it good for the bush. Me? I like the 2T because it has a bit more character than a 4t and they are much cheaper to run.
  11. Hudson Charlton

    Buying a crf 450?

    Looks like a really low hour bike! I've heard that the 09 450s have bad fuel pumps. Not sure if it's the same on the 250s or not.
  12. Hudson Charlton

    starting a 250r

    Sorry guys! I don't like giving out false information. Guess I thought twisting the throttle would let fuel in b/c of some pressure in the lines. I would always cycle it after I twisted the throttle, so maybe that's how I still got away with starting it.
  13. Hudson Charlton

    starting a 250r

    It can be tough to start 4Ts if you don't have technique. I kicked a crf 450x 60 times like a two stroke one cold day! A few tricks and I could start it in 2. I currently have a 2012 crf 250r. First prime it. (I think thats the term) This is accomplished by twisting the throttle wide open and shut, wide open and shut. I do this 3 times on average. I don't use the choke at all in this weather. Cycle the engine. This pulls fresh fuel in ready to be ignitined from when you primed it. Now you're finding TDc. Give it a fast complete kick.
  14. Hudson Charlton

    Darryn Durham still smokin

    Settle down. It's a 125! When is someone going to rip a 250 and make a video out of it? I did think the sign smashing was pretty clever!
  15. Hudson Charlton

    Need information ASAP!!

    Did you try eBay?