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  1. SRT makes the best chain.
  2. Mostly expensive for a good one in my province
  3. Ahhh
  4. What's the reason why racers don't have an extra bike ready to go? It just seems like it would have saved Anderson some frustration. If he rolled into the pits and his mechanics had a spare fired up he could have got first!
  5. You hit the nail on the head. Two stroke engine would just melt.
  6. It should not glow red. I didn't even know that was possible. What kind of pipe?
  7. Update: I went richer on everything but the air screw because I didn't want to mess with it until I thought I was close. I put a new plug in and it ran good. Very minimal bog no rev hang. 1 degree when I rode. This is what the plug looked like at the end of my half hour ride after I reamed it out and killed it, costing to a stop. Probably too early to tell with a new plug.
  8. 215 meters or 705 ft. 45 pilot Blue needle 3rd clip from the top 175 main Some good points. Thanks guys. The other thing I thought I would mention is it's almost impossible to start when it's 0C. It sounds like a rich bog and not a surge, but maybe it's deceptive. I'm running dominator.
  9. Hey guys, I have a 2002 CR250. It has a PW air striker, JD jetting, vforce, fatty, shorty. It couldn't run better when it's 20-30 degrees out, perfect burn pattern, but when it gets like my tittle says, runs bad. Powerband is ok and if I idle it for too long it really bogs when I get moving again. Mid isn't the greatest either. The only other thing it does is give a slow rev down. I'm confused because I thought colder would make it lean? Let me know what adjustments y'all think I should make.
  10. Rubicons can be a nightmare if you do something wrong. Figure out where it's coming from by pressing your ear up to a long screwdriver and moving it around.
  11. For the OP, get a JD jet kit and be done with it. It's so worth it if you don't like headaches.
  12. My trouble is slow down rev when it's cold out. I can figure out the main jet - real good powerband. I have JD jetting and I did the adjustments they said for the colder temperatures. 1 Celsius.
  13. I went from reeds that were starting to chip to v force and it blew me away. Such a difference.
  14. Crack a 250 open and your not holding on with everything you have you'll suddenly find yourself sitting on the ground in pain. 125? Not so likely. Since you ask, I would say stick to the 125 for now.
  15. 40:1 is a good happy medium now a days with the higher quality oils. If you run yamalube 32:1 is the norm.