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  1. Pygmy Warrior

    77-79 YZ parts

    I am looking at the possibility of buying a 77-79 YZ 250 or YZ400. Depends on what I can find. How difficult is it to find parts for these year models? Seems like I remember one of these years is a one off and hard to find parts for it. Thanks
  2. Pygmy Warrior

    83 CR480R parts

    Here is a dealer list in the USA. https://www.hpi.be/dealer.php#USA
  3. Pygmy Warrior

    83 CR480R parts

    I don't know if it has a warranty, but you can email them and ask. They are located in Europe, Netherlands I think.
  4. Pygmy Warrior

    83 CR480R parts

    Ebay is your best resource for used parts. This place has a new ignition kit. https://www.hpi.be/item.php?item=068K340
  5. Pygmy Warrior

    Easy Starting Guidelines for a Honda CR480

    I use a hypodermic syringe to inject premix into the cylinder after removing the spark plug because I didn't have any luck leaning it over. I also added a compression release which makes it easier to kick over. Left foot kick only for me and it usually starts cold in a few kicks after turning it over slowly a few times with the throttle completely open.
  6. Pygmy Warrior

    86 CR500 Nickle plated? Water pump issue

    If you leave the magnesium cover on, make sure to run Evans waterless coolant to prevent future corrosion.
  7. Pygmy Warrior

    89 cr250 engine case

    There's nothing wrong with repairing them.
  8. Pygmy Warrior

    89 cr250 engine case

    Your cases look pretty beat! Replacement cases here. It looks like the bolts are bottoming out and stressing the case to failure. http://vintagebikeads.com/
  9. Pygmy Warrior

    how to tighten primary drive gear nut?

    Nope! Pennies are zinc with a copper plating! Zinc is very soft.
  10. Pygmy Warrior

    1986 CR250 no start

    Hook a timing light to it with the plug and cap installed and see if it is flashing when you kick it over. If not, its not sparking. You can check the timing the same way.
  11. Pygmy Warrior

    2 stroke whining noise

    Just nickname it kyle busch and ride!
  12. Pygmy Warrior

    will a cr125r 2002 cylinder fit a 2003 cr125r?

    Confused? Me too!
  13. Pygmy Warrior

    will a cr125r 2002 cylinder fit a 2003 cr125r?

    My mistake. I was looking at the related fitment to the cylinder head.
  14. Pygmy Warrior

    will a cr125r 2002 cylinder fit a 2003 cr125r?

    Yes, the 2002 and 2003 share the same part number. They offer two different part numbers for the cylinder. Not sure why. You can still get them from Honda. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2003/cr125r-a/cylinder-head-02-03
  15. Pygmy Warrior

    Dam shroud bolts!!

    Once you get them out, make sure you use some anti-seize to prevent it from happening again.