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  1. I like the Leatte stuff. Chest protectors and neck braces are fully integrated. No messing around and excellent protection. Their hydration systems are also designed to work/integrate with the chest protectors. It’s the hot setup for me.
  2. My buddy slapped it on for me, no big problems. He took great care with the cable routing and it’s perfect. Was able to use the Zeta clutch bracket that was already on the bike. I was concerned that the actuator mount wasn’t solid enough, there’s a little slop/movement when actuated. That has turned out to be a non issue
  3. Yes, it’s the same as for the 450F. Just put one on my 16 450FX and love it. It felt weird at first but after some break in it feels great. Made the pull easier and made it a single finger operation. The lever that came with it sucked. Arc makes a lever that was a huge improvement.
  4. Yes my FX came wi 22mm triple clamps. At about the 30 hour point I got a good deal on 25mm offset xtrig triple clamps. They are one beautiful piece of machining. They were awesome for high speed desert type riding but cornering suffered. Elected to go back to the stock 22mm clamps in conjunction wi aforesaid mods with excellent results. Of note; got a smoking deal on a lighter rear Ti spring wi a 5.5 rate. (I’m only 160lbs) not for everyone but I love the feel of the Ti spring. AHM did my suspension wi excellent results about 35hrs ago. I’m 59 and for the first time in my life I had the means to do whatever the hell I wanted so in my opinion money well spent. This bad girl is dialed!
  5. I’ll just throw this out there.. 2016 450FX. I did the Dubach engine relocation, radiator lowering kit, 22mm triple clamps, fork tubes set at 4-5 mm, .44 front springs (160lbs rider weight) 105mm sag. Handles much much better now. The price was some high speed headshake on occasion. Putting on a Scott’s dampener to cure that. Did all these mods at once so can’t nail down the one thing that had the greatest effect but WOW, different bike! No longer hesitant to take the inside line
  6. I put on the full FMF Ti system on my 2016 YZ450FX. It was a performance improvement across the board in my opinion. AND shed several lbs which is a big deal for this bike. Fit and finish was perfect. Very expensive but worth it in my opinion. If money’s an issue just get the FMF slip on, stock header works fine. Noise level is slightly louder but it’s a 450 so loud and obnoxious comes wi the territory
  7. Quick update, installing Doubach radiator lowering kit soon. Gotta admit that guy knows how to make Yamaha’s handle. He runs a 20mm offset triple clamp which was too much for what I do but good info if your strictly a MX guy
  8. Sorry for the dumb question but what I gather from gmtechs thread is the stock tune is all zeros. Is that correct? I’ve been wondering about that. Just got a tuner for my 16 YZ450FX but haven’t messed with it yet. Frankly I love the stock map so was afraid I’d screw it up.
  9. The engine relocation kit was a bit of a bitch. No wonder Dubach laughs kinda diabolically in the instruction video. The worst part was removing material from the back of the case in order to get the relocated swing arm shaft to clear. Follow instructions. The rest wasn’t too bad. The big news is wi the relocation kit, switching to the stock 22mm offset triple clamps, switching to .44 front springs (I’m 59 year old 157 pounder) and going to 105mm sag the bike was reborn. Turn in and cornering was much improved. Consequence was some high speed headshake. I’ll try sliding the fork tubes down in the clamps a coupla more mm to help that. Everything comes wi a price right. Scott’s dampener is next for sure.
  10. Thanks man, ya know what, I’ll just go measure it to confirm. Installing the Dr D engine relocation kit today. With that and the 22mm offset triple tree back on maybe I can get that thing to turn in properly. Overall tho I love my FX!
  11. Could someone confirm for me the stock triple tree offset of 22mm for a 2016 YZ450FX. I believe the 2016YZ450F has a different offset from the FX, is that correct? I ended up getting a good deal on an Xtrig 25mm triple tree that’s great at high speeds but cornering is severely lacking. Turn entry and apex is very bad, exit is ok tho. Thought I would go back to the stock if indeed they are 22mm. Thanks for any help
  12. Coupla questions for you guys. Has anyone tried the Dr D engine relocation kit to make the front feel more planted. Same question goes for the radiator lowering kit from Dr D. Lastly I'm trying to figure out how to mount a Scott's sub mount dampener on a xtrig triple tree wi PHDS bar mounts. Thanks for any feedback
  13. Hay bud, I bought a 2016 250xcf-w back in October wi the intent of plating it in South Dakota which I did, but seems you can plate damn near anything there if you sign the waiver. Don't know anything bout CO rules. First thing I discovered is the front suspension is crap. Rear seemed adequate. In any case I had both ends reworked by Kreft wi the intent of doing a lot of fire road and single track stuff in the Black Hills where I live. Also made it clear I was gonna mx it. The outcome was a much improved overall package. (1000 bucks later) Anyway overall I like the bike and setup now. Still messing wi clicker settings etc. for mx I take the front light off and put a plate on, remove the kickstand and Kickstarter and set the rear preload to 110mm vs the Kreft recommended 115mm for the trails. Also Kreft changed the front springs to I believe 4.4 from 4.8's. Stock springs were way to stiff for a 150 pounder like you and me. I would mx the crap outta that thing and just have fun knowing going in its not the ideal bike for it. So know I have a bike I can do everything I want. Yes it's gonna bottom out occasionally but you new that already. I'm new to TT and haven't found very much stuff related to the 2016 250 xcf-w, but then again I don't live on this site either. Have a blast man
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