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  1. R Sorry didnt they used to be called Crf's
  2. I am coming off a yz450f 18 and wanted to know if the 250f would have enough grunt to get me going haha im 511 and 200 pounds. Ive always been on Yamahas and Kawasaki but wanna try a hondas thoughts and opinions?
  3. Dont know what to buy i rode 4 strokes my whole life and and i wanna try a two stroke. Im coming off a yz450f 18 just got tired of it. Dont wanna make a wrong mistake.
  4. I just had minor surgery on my ankle and when i recover i gotta get the right one done. Thinking about running ankle savers or just maybe braces. Thoughts or comments.
  5. Im having surgery in a couple of months on my ankle and i wanna use a ankle brace I dont know if thats really a moto thing to where a ankle brace but dont really care. I like my tech 10s but the boots dont give enough support. But also i want something to where i can move my foot and shift
  6. Just bought a yz450f 18. Im 210 pounds i will eventually put stiffer springs in it. But i havent touched any of the suspension. But i noticed when i jump it kicks me and i realize my forks are gonna be soft but what could i do to my forks. Basic knowledge of suspension i have
  7. Ive rode the 15 and the 16 sx 350f and there awsome bikes but im very curious on what the 450 feels like im coming off a kawi 250f and wanna try somthing new im in the process of buying a bike and wanna make the right choice of course. Any 450 that i have rode i like to lug around.
  8. Im in the same boat i didnt know if you found anything having trouble routing and finding some plugs where they need to be
  9. Ok thanks for the info i appreciate it
  10. Yes its the hole assembly
  11. I bought the ARC DC8 clutch perch for my kx250f 2014 and never put it on. Now i own a kx450f 2016 will it fit.
  12. I want a lower bar ive always ran stockers and i wanted a less sweep you could say
  13. With will hahn racing Australia supercross who will race for him ? I hope josh grant don't . Would a Stewart ride for kawi
  14. Have a kx250f and the gears are kinda short in my opinion but I'm always in screaming it third which I was taught how to ride a 250f but I know it depends on track and dirt but what I'm asking is is it better to scream it in one gear or shift up and be in the mid range in the next gear
  15. I just rode one last night way better then my 14 easier to turn better to move around faster more grunt kinda felt like a 450 I know it's no where near a 450 but it had that bottom end feeling suspension was good to when I buy one I'll just buy bars. The exhaust was loud and it annoyed me a bit so I'd just put a system or just a slip on let me no what you guys thought about it.
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