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  1. Crfonefiddy

    Pics of all crf 150r

    '09 150rb with Lucas oil graphics
  2. Crfonefiddy

    Factory Effex All Grip Seat Cover

    The stock seat just won't grip you at all. The gripper seat grips you and you can't slip off even if you try.
  3. Crfonefiddy

    DID Dirtstar STX

    The wheels feel just more light and durable and all 'round just look badass
  4. Crfonefiddy

    N-Style 2012 Troy Lee Designs Race Team Graphic Kit

    The graphics on the right number plate have started to tear from a bag crash that blew out my knee. Other than that I haven't seen any peeling.
  5. Crfonefiddy

    Honda CRF150RB Expert (2009)


    Compared to all of the other 85 2 strokes, this thing is a rocket. The one thing that i don't like is the bottom end power. The bike just wants to not go when in the bottom end, but when i rev it in the top end it really goes.
  6. Crfonefiddy

    Honda CRF150RB Expert 2009

    I race in superminis and the power of the 150 smokes all of the 2 strokes