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  1. mog

    06 crf 450 forks leaking

    It's the tubes if you want the answer ,why ? is another question
  2. mog

    2015 KTM 125sx Fork Oil Levels

    Utube has plenty of videos
  3. I've had similar , tiny bit of air doesn't matter
  4. mog


    I did this but landed in the point of a BMX seat ,it was 30 years ago ,I still remember it
  5. That's the complaint my Dyno guy was told by a owner ,but he couldn't do anything about it , the ECU is locked ,no aftermarket options existed at the time , so he ran it just to see the power curve ,and had to send it back as it was ,the owner I believe got ktm to try a newer map but I never heard if it was cured
  6. mog

    Electric starting when cold

    Your meant to prime the battery , ktm explain this ,it works ,I just got a better battery ,down to freezing point it would start the bike within half a second ,no prime or trickle charger ever
  7. Hdr your misunderstanding my posts ( it tends to happen with your posts ) then you are arguing with the post you think I wrote. What I am saying is the tpi is an answer to euro 4, if no one bought tpi it would not bring carbs back ,ktm don't have a choice other than dropping any bike that doesn't comply That's the choices available
  8. mog


    Very few injuries are 100% fixed ,even if you no longer feel them
  9. mog

    Anderson down!

    Real shame , my last man standing reference is probably too accurate
  10. As a citizen you have almost zero chance ( maybe less than zero ) to stop the euro systems from saying we need cleaner air , you have special rules for California already ? It's not much different The EU doesn't listen to member states let alone a few 1000 bike enthusiasts Look at the emmisions fiasco with VW , people have no power to change anything
  11. mog

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    The 95 was one of the best Cr engines ,then it was the 99 ,they bought up all the 95 and 99 cylinders to replace the junk 2000-2002
  12. Wishing the euro 4 emmisions problem away won't work [emoji16]
  13. mog

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    As far as I know yes they bolt on
  14. mog

    Who's out? Who's in??

    Who ever is left standing wins
  15. mog

    It's Not The Bike

    Tomac simply got a better start in Moto 3