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  1. mog

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    I've not tested the fatty , the factory fatty gives 1hp more minimum from bottom to top They do make one for the xcw I checked
  2. mog

    Keefer Testing 2019 450 MX Shootout

    Day 2 is out , the kxf and yzf are pulling ahead of the others , the Suzuki whilst not a bad bike just sounds like it's stuck in 2007 , the others sound like they would make a much better race bike It sounds like KTM need to change the character of the engine to suit what the testers like , as a good few say they prefer the get up and go of the others They sound close and the testers say this over and over with the yzf having great suspension and the kxf having a great package
  3. A custom Dyno map would be the best way forward , I believe some of the big bore companies also supply them
  4. mog

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    The keihin gives a big performance boost at part throttle,none on full but most don't ride like that
  5. mog

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

    I think it's so easy to sit on the sidelines and judge and make assumptions, we don't know many facts , maybe he didn't do anything wrong ? We just don't know , he maybe did , but it's a sad situation and I don't think it's right to say " he should ' etc the woman has lost her partner ,he is dead , families hurt ,don't take it as a an opportunity to go spreading the idea that we know anything ,we don't
  6. mog

    pussification of mxon

    Lol predicting the future !your chances have improved by 1000% as France has felt sorry for whipping your ass for 4 years ,they have imploded and given you a huge advantage See if you can make it happen as in Assen it's going to be like lommel .....
  7. mog

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    Does the sx pipe not fit ?
  8. mog

    pussification of mxon

    The mxgp riders made USA look like fools in the sand , so your saying they are weak and got easily best ,but beat USA bad , what does that say about USA ?
  9. mog

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    The FMF factory fatty gives power from bottom to top
  10. mog

    Powervalve Gear Damage Again[emoji33]

    Take that side out completely till you know the fault ? Then it won't damage the new part ?
  11. mog

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    We all thought it would happen https://www.dirtbikerider.com/news/motocross/romain-febvre-out-motocross-nations-mxon-redbud/ So who's in ?
  12. The way KTM does front and rear wheels since about 98 is very clever ,the wheel bearings are all the same size and the spacers are designed to fit the axle , so you can put older or newer wheels on all bikes with the spacers and axle
  13. mog

    Replacing my 13 300 battery

    I always take the chance to upgrade
  14. mog

    Powervalve height on sx 250 17-18

    It won't fully open if you do