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  2. Everyone says Eli does his talking on the track ,doesn't need to boast or give interviews etc ,I just see him as shy ? Not a criticism just an observation
  3. I don't know anything as such, but I feel any us team would like new blood as competitive new riders are scarce. I think k he knows he's not ready and wants more titles in mxgp first
  4. Race sag is 33% of available travel
  5. He could easy get a ride but I think widely he says no ,he has crashed a lot this season in Mx
  6. I don't see tomac as mentally strong ,more shy by nature
  7. I think we're discussing a minor point , I've known many riders get the bladder and notice nothing , in fact I've known 2recently both on huskys 250 and 450, both had bladder and revalve ,both couldn't feel the difference from STD even , surely if the bladder made a significant difference me and 2 friends should have felt it ? All we felt was much poorer Mine cost £275 for triple adjuster and £70 for bladder My friend spent £250 on his husky 250 My American buddy spent $450 I think , not one performed better than STD ,mine eventually did after 3 revalves , I sold the triple adjuster and left the 17 bike I bought STD apart from valving , maybe I'm wrong ,maybe my 2 friends are ,but one thing in common is others are now $$$$$ better off than we are ,what a shock ..
  8. 33% of the travel
  9. And the important thing was he didn't get injured at mxdn so he could finish MEC
  10. Bubba always looked fast in practice
  11. I think if it was in fact overall superior kyb and showa would be all over it , the cost saving would far outweigh the bleeding time , anyway the new showas forks are terrible to bleed from what I have read
  12. Terry I have no Dyno sadly , but I've seen more than a few dynos from bladder Vs piston, the difference was visible but small But why don't more forks use it ? I don't believe any patent exists ? It's cheaper, needs less machining in the bore ,why doesn't kyb and showa do it ?
  13. I've been to the us twice , not a lot but it's a big world out there , honestly going to a SX doesn't have huge appeal to me I saw the mxdn at budds ,also watched bubba come from last to first at buds ,watched events spank bubba at matterly ,watched tortelli hunt down everts at foxhhills after crashing and he took everts title ,mxdn at donnington , SX to me isn't the same
  14. He said he had made his mind up before the crash , a while before
  15. But it's cheaper ask wp ,I don't like the plastic ones ,but the modern wp shocks the spectator hardly moves