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  1. mog

    Flat on top - exc 300 2012

    If you over preload the spring it will run very flat at high rpm
  2. mog

    Higher Pressure Radiator cap

    Jap bikes only use 1.3 ,so 1.8 is already higher
  3. mog

    Flat on top - exc 300 2012

    Yes the PV spring can affect all rpm ,and jetting makes a big difference
  4. mog

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    It's an very impressive gain ,I think I could have got more if I spent more time on 1/4 thottle settings , the keihin carb as I said before , via years of development is much better on part throttle than the mikuni ,James Dean sells lots of short body keihin as riders feel the difference , just buy a new one or second hand and replace your mikuni ,you will instantly feel the difference, my Dyno guy has sold lots of keihin mostly to enduro riders. It's about the worst kept secret in the Motocross world If you prefer a perfectly metered response to the throttle the mikuni is better for that , but it is more sensitive as well . KTM switched only because of contact issues with keihin ,not because they wanted the mikuni. I think it's wise to choose based on your needs.
  5. mog

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    This shows the difference between 1/4 throttle and 1/2 ,it's considerable the difference , so you can conclude it's not because the throttle was turned too far to get the extra power ,you can clearly see if that happened it would have a bigger gain
  6. mog

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    This is 1/4 thottle all runs done in the same manner ,all with the best possible jetting for each carb ( same thottle each time ) This has been proven not just on my bike but many bikes , when you swap from mikuni carb to keihin this is what happens ,under full power I would give the nod to the mikuni by a tiny amount I do t sell any products ,it cost me considerable money to get these dynos done ,I have zero gain in making false claims
  7. mog

    08 250sxf vs 17 450sxf

    If the compression was full open and rebound full open ,you have a stiff spring ,high bleed setup , this maybe why it feels plush ,I bet it's not using much travel ?
  8. I really like honda hp5 it stays super clean ,some say that's bad but I think it lubricates so well it doesn't allow parts to rub as much Ohlins oil and kyb is very good when tested via Dyno etc
  9. mog

    08 250sxf vs 17 450sxf

    I rode a 10 sxf and was super impressed by the last pds ,I think they pretty much cracked the problem but it was too little too late
  10. mog

    08 250sxf vs 17 450sxf

    Normally most say the opposite about the pds
  11. George you are not going to fix your shock with some magical new combination of spring and clickers , you can't change something that feels like junk to plush by altering a spring rate 0.1 and 2 clicks of xyz I have ran springs with big jumps of 0.3 and it only makes a small change in feel ,it doesn't suddenly get super plush from harsh Bite the bullet and replace that bike and give us all a break
  12. Many thanks for your informative post ,I learnt a lot from it Yes euro 4 not 6 ,I got a new diesel lease car recently and they are now euro 6 compliant ,got confused between the 2
  13. mog

    TPI bikes

    Some people do add oil to fuel as well
  14. As far as I know this is a STD UK bike as delivered