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  1. I can assume that you have both the section of the seat attached to the round "peg" on the tank AND also the clip on the bottom of the seat (about mid way on the seat base) slid into the frame recess? My guess is that the mid way clip is not seated properly. It will cause the middle to rise up. Take a look at the seat base before installing and you'll see it. Just a guess.
  2. mrfoster

    Years to stay away from???

    I've read that too. Somehow my reality differs.
  3. mrfoster

    Need Opinions On Break-In and Oil Changes

    I would do a warm up in the garage and a quick spin around the neighborhood/yard and do a quick oil change before the CamP or Motoman break-in techniques. I've been using a similar approach to the Motoman tips and have had great luck - I don't use any oil or get any significant blow-by. I second using a strict dino oil break in (no synthetics on my first 2 oil changes). Doing a quick change before your break-in will give you piece of mind. Cheap insurance and you'll never doubt yourself. Why not?
  4. mrfoster

    PICS: My 2010 ride.....finally ready !

    What is the rise & forward dimension on the top triple clamp? What bar rise do you have? I'm looking to experiment with my cockpit to get some extra room this year. I'm 6 feet. What hubs are you running? Looks great.
  5. mrfoster

    Best Aftermarket Plastic for an 09?

    ...but is it available for the 2009? I see front fender and number plate but no shrouds, side panels, disk guard...
  6. mrfoster

    2010 crf 450 ?

    I heard a rumor about man made global warming. That science doesn't seem to be proving out. Moral: don't believe everything that you read. The new CRF can be made into a perfect ride with a bit of suspension tuning.
  7. mrfoster

    I Rode A 2010 450 Today

    Oh no. A 2009 owner bought a 2010! You mean the 2009 is not the roach that you would believe from this forum! Don't let the haters see this sort of credential! Sent from a happy 2009 owner.
  8. mrfoster

    Pick up my new 09 Tomorrow

    Be prepared to strap on about 30 pounds of lead to the new bike to make you feel comfortable. My transition from Blue to Red really opened my eyes - I still feel that way when I transition to a pre-'10 Yamaha (haven't tried the new one) or even the new Kawasaki - they just feel heavy to me - almost "top heavy" at speed. You'll love it.
  9. mrfoster

    2010 geico crf450

    From the other pictures, it looks like the Cycra shrouds will soon be available for 09/10 models. They've only had the stadium plate and front fender available until now.
  10. Super trick and I would consider this for my CRF450R if available. Timing the engine removal with my "spring prep" is really not much extra work. Finding a welder that will get it right is another story! If they come available for the 450, let me know.
  11. mrfoster

    CRF STUFF Holiday Special

    I'm in on the group buy for the "The Blade" Works Replica Pro Kit for my 2009 CRF450R. I may add a few other bits under the free shipping offer too. How are we doing on the group buy? I opted to post here due to activity vs. the 450R thread.
  12. mrfoster

    Skid plate foam.....Way heavy

    I run my skidplate without foam. I ride MX only and as a Vet guy have the option to stay out of the very wet days and thus that I find no reason to keep the foam.
  13. Now...what brand of plastic should I get to replace my aging OEM set? UFO? When is the full Cycra set available? Graphics and trim kit available on TJ's website. A bit pricey for the whole thing - hoping that BTO lists it soon for less.
  14. mrfoster

    Cool CRF '09

    Looks great. This would be trouble for me - I'd probably ride it like I do my '09 at the track. I'll stick with dirt to stay alive!
  15. mrfoster

    Pics of Your 450....

    My '09 at the beginning of the season...still looks the same - love it. More pictures in My Garage: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=17271