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  1. Kibblewhite valves, little more $$ than stock, well worth it.
  2. I think it's either you or Bruce - BWB63. And since this is the 650 forum - And a few more, I believe from the Goler meet
  3. It's like a flashback with some of the guys posting here... Definately some great get togethers, good rides, and lots of fun around the evening campfires. I have some photo's, here are a few, Let's do it again some time. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all.
  4. Agent2

    edelbrock pumper carb for xr600 Where??

    Eddies are history, no longer made, no parts (floats, accelerator pumps etc.) available, no aftermarket support. Mikuni TM40 carb is your best bet for a pumper these days.
  5. XR650r, I have the 14 tooth XR's Only case saver, would like to put a 15 tooth counter sprocket on, will it fit, perhaps with a liitle grinding? It looks like there is a little clearance, the case saver is already pretty thin by the clutch shaft, so is there much difference between the 14 tooth and 15 tooth case saver? I know dropping a few teeth on the rear sprocket is pretty much the same, but Primary Drive counter sprocket costs about $8, PD doesn't carry rear sprockets below 48 tooth, so Sunstar, Renthal etc. rear sprocket is about $50.
  6. Agent2

    So, What's New Out In The Dez?

    I will admit to nothing. Fremont Peak area, both sides of 395, I went as far south as Highway 58 (Kramer Junction) and they were all over the place.
  7. This, poppin' up like mushrooms after a rainshower, everywhere....
  8. Agent2

    new to the cal city region

    It was hotter than I thought it would be, guessing about 95-100, but a nice night, warm with only a slight breeze. Supposed to cool off next week.
  9. Agent2

    new to the cal city region

    I like Cal City, lots of places to camp, and fun places to ride. It's all "private property", so red sticker all year. The police / D.I.R.T team are pretty laid back, not the "respect my authority" attitude of other agencies in the area. Some people bitch about the $15 a year fee, I consider it a great deal, a year of riding for the price of a twelve pack. As a truck camper, I would pay that just to use the shower at Borax Bills. And if you aren't too far off the main road, you can even get pizza's delivered to your campsite. Photos from yesterday New toy for the D.I.R.T team? Pretty quiet on weekdays They are upgrading Borax Bills, including water and power hookups for RV's You can stage and ride from the park, there are about a half dozen shaded spots, but if it's not hot it's much better to head out and find your own spot. View from the backside of the park, Cal City MX track is less than 1/2 mile from here I stop to grab a shower, get a cold Gator-aid from the vending machines, and if the office is open, stop in to say hi and hear the latest gossip. But then, head east and find a nice place to camp If you haven't been there, it's worth checking out, the area around the park is pretty well used, but if you head the the outskirts, there are fun places to ride.
  10. Agent2

    The Usual Suspects!

    Sorry about that, guess my post ruffled the feathers of those in charge.
  11. Agent2

    SFV frame welding?

    One local lead I can give is Arao Eng. in Chatsworth, c/o Lassen & Canoga. He welded a new mounting nut on an exhaust pipe for my bike. Friendly, explained to me what he was doing, nice weld, charged me $20. 818-709-4781
  12. Agent2

    edelbrock on ebay

    Edelbrock's are history, no more parts. ATV Galaxy - who bought all of Edelbrocks motorcycle carb parts, still has needles and a few throttle cable's, no floats, accelerator pumps, or anything else needed to rebuild. Not worth buying one anymore. My favorite carb, but when it breaks beyond repair, it getting replaced with a TM, don't have much choice.
  13. Guessing you are looking for one of these - http://www.dealextreme.com/p/flexible-plastic-twist-tie-wire-cord-cable-organizer-random-color-30-piece-pack-94347 Doubt Honda still stocks them, if they do, probably $15 for one. Aftermarket is your best bet.
  14. There is no pilot jet in an Eddie. There is a check valve on the fuel inlet that can gum up and stick. Don't ever use carb cleaner on an Eddie, it will eat away the rubber grommet on the accelerator pump, and they don't make that part anymore. For cold starting, you have to crank up the idle adjust a few turns, or you can kick forever and no start. My bike can sit for a month, crank up the idle, two twists of the throttle and it will start first or second kick.
  15. Agent2

    Pro Seal

    Air filter gasket - 650R, anyone use it? Opinions?