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    Ride my bike with my little boy or alone in wood trail, sand pit.

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  1. CaQCRider

    Honda XR200R Hydraulic Clutch

    I run my 230F 2015 in single track with full syntec Mobil 1 motorcycle oil and after 1 year and a half because in my country we rode 5-6 month per years the clutch was toasted.And i'm not an agressive rider the guy told me in the dealer syntec not a good idea in the 230F.
  2. CaQCRider

    230F and Hare Scrambles

    I finished my season when my clutch was toasted too.Hard single track and hill climb not a good idea with a slipping clutch[emoji16]. But my 230f was a 2015 and the clutch is gone not verry long lasting!!
  3. CaQCRider


    You have a sprocket for top speed i think stock was 13:50 or 13:51 and for upgrade crf 230f have a lot of good aftermarket piece but for ttr you have less piece mods.
  4. CaQCRider

    Think I am screwed!

    I email him (Terry) this week for a ported head job and he told he was back maybe december or when the storm is finished.
  5. CaQCRider

    Think I am screwed!

    His brother James did not work at the same business? In the web site Miller Vintage Cycle we see James and Terry Miller so who run the shop if Terry was not there???
  6. CaQCRider

    230F 2015 clutch is over!

    Do you know if there are many people who uses with 230F with mods washer under spring clutch?
  7. CaQCRider

    230F and Hare Scrambles

    Have you rolled in rocky trail or single track hard stuff with the front Garacross???
  8. CaQCRider

    230F 2015 clutch is over!

    I have no intention of having this repaired at the Honda dealer I am able to do that. I try to put a picture of my basket clutch on TT to show it but it does not work i d'ont know why.I'm going to disassemble all that and look what we look for.Thanks!
  9. CaQCRider

    230F 2015 clutch is over!

    Yes I change my oil regularly, but I still do not understand how my clutch is finished ?? I strongly doubt that it is over because of the synthetic oil.I heard that when modifying to add torque (like mine 1.5 ST wiseco hc), it puts more pressure on the clutch is perhaps the reason why the clutch is over and btw my clutch has no washer to add more grip.
  10. CaQCRider

    230F 2015 clutch is over!

    Do you think if i put a washer under the Clutch Spring was a good idea i know many people on 230f forum pick this mod.
  11. CaQCRider

    230F 2015 clutch is over!

    New and the guy at Honda dealer told me the causes of my Clutch was scrap is the syntec oil [emoji51] i ask myself if the guy was serious!!!!
  12. CaQCRider

    230F and Hare Scrambles

    How do you like your Garacross in the front because i want To sell one and would like how they work?
  13. CaQCRider

    230F 2015 clutch is over!

    Motorcycle oil 10w40 Mobil 1 syntec and the notches are all around the front of the basket.
  14. I have a 230F 2015 mods-1.5 ST,wiseco hc,power bomb,procom,oem pumper carb, oil Mobil 1 Synt i ride in single track, trail wood and i'am not a rough rider and few day ago the clutch is slipping but the bike shiffting well, so i call the service Honda dealer and the guy told me if the clutch slipping that the clutch is over.And my basket clutch as little checkmarks to.What do you think about guy?
  15. CaQCRider

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

    Look likes same basic crappy suspension like the stock 230F!