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  1. Doc_d

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Rode Evart on Friday with 10 guys. 70 degrees and zero dust. That's hard to beat in July! There were a few trees down but they were all easy to ride over or around. A Go-Pro was lost somewhere between the bowl and the Sunset Bar. It's a long shot but if someone finds it, I'd offer a reward for it's return. Doc
  2. Doc_d


    I bought a bunch of the small stuff for my bike and ordered up a bit more yesterday which is what prompted me to post this question. Last year I took my tank off. KTM has a quick disconnect in the fuel line which is nice. But I somehow cut the O-ring on the nipple side of the quick disconnect. That's the kind of stuff that drives me nuts. So now I have two spares. I bought spares of all the o-rings involved in an oil change, along with a spare drain plug and crush washers. Oddly I'd feel worse about missing a ride due to some cheap small part than missing a ride due to a larger mechanical issue. Doc
  3. Doc_d

    New bike break in

    Oh boy. You might as well ask what the best oil is or If 2-strokes or 4-strokes are better. For what it's worth, I knew the chief engineer that designed the Viper V10. He had an engine dyno at his house and built race motors for me. His theory was that moderate RPM with high load (high cylinder pressures) and heat cycles were the key to breaking in a motor. That basically means full throttle pulls from low to the middle RPM range in a high gear, let it cool down, do it again. Doc
  4. Doc_d


    I'm curious which spares you keep on-hand for your bikes. I think I'm a little OCD because I buy spares for all my bikes for those "just in case" situations. I hate having weekend plans ruined because I can't get some small common part for my bike. I have levers, shifters, bolts, washers, o-rings, master link, spark plugs, drain plugs, crush washers, etc. On one hand I think I'm nuts. On the other hand when the fan quit on my trials bikes and I pulled out a spare fan and saved the weekend that makes me think I'm not nuts. I actually crashed and broke a front master cylinder and was upset I didn't have a spare handy recently. But where does it end? Spare cylinder, spare piston? Spare swingarm? So what spare parts do you keep on-hand for your bikes? Or do you rely on our local dealer to have what you need on short notice? Doc
  5. Just a reminder that there will be an Observed Trials event in Rose City on the Bent Fenders property on 08/05. More info here.... https://www.motatrials.com/site/assets/files/1263/eastside_2018_rc_event_flyer.pdf Doc
  6. Doc_d

    Trials clubs near the Twin Cities

    I'm from Michigan and we're blessed with a bunch of trials clubs. Don't give up. Find and join a club. You'll learn so much quicker with experienced people helping you. Also don't worry about your current level. Everyone watches Toni Bou riding 20 feet up trees but every trials club has classes for everyone from beginner just learning to use a clutch to experts who can nose wheelie down the length of a log. You'll find the class that offers just the right amount of challenge for you. Doc
  7. Doc_d

    Everyone loves pictures. Lol.

    Now that the garage work is done, it's time to get out and ride!
  8. That's what I was thinking as well. Those must be some high tech traps to discriminate. Doc
  9. Hippies were going to booby trap the trails I ride. After seeing me ride they decided it wasn't necessary.
  10. Doc_d

    Tire Change DIY or Not?

    I have a bead buddy but find it to be completely useless. I do all my tires with 3 spoons, a spray bottle of soapy water and a piece of cardboard on the ground. Someone mentioned using a scrap piece of carpet. I have some so I'll give that a try next time. That's probably a little easier on the rim and knees than cardboard.
  11. Doc_d

    300 TPI or yz450fx

    Nice write up @blbills! I too ride 2-strokes and 4-strokes and agonize over what I like about each. I agree on the fuel injection. It's hard to beat how well a fuel injected bike runs. Hopefully it is as good on the new TPI 2-strokes. I also identify with the comments about gear selection. My 350 has such a wide useful RPM range that even when I screw up the gear selection badly the bike gets me through. KTM's Brembo brakes, really are that good even on their 4-strokes. One comment I will make in defense of the KTMs is your choice of the XC over the XC-W then complaining about how stiff the forks are. I see so many guys opt for the XC / TX over the XC-W / TE then have the same complaint. The XC is valved to be an offroad bike but still able to hit jumps and whoops on an MX track. The XC-W is valved and sprung to eat up roots and rocks. I don't think the stiffness of the XC is a KTM failing but rather a problem with choosing the wrong tool for the job in my opinion. I don't see it nearly as often but that's like buying the XC-W and complaining it bottoms out when hitting triples on the MX track. KTM makes two distinct bikes for two distinct uses and for some reason many guys opt for the XC to use it in tight, rocky, rooted wooded terrain which always confuses me. If you ever get a chance ride an XC-W or better yet the TE (with linkage rear). I think you'll find it's extremely plush and doesn't deflect at all over the rocks and roots. Doc
  12. Doc_d

    Tire Change DIY or Not?

    I do my own tires on my trials, enduro and dual sport bikes. On the dual sport, I balance the tires because it see's some pavement at 50-60 MPH. I'm not super happy with the balance I achieve doing it the manual / old fashioned way. I deal with it because the vast majority of my dual sport riding is at 30 – 40 MPH on dirt roads where it's fine. But when I hit the pavement I wish I could get a little better balance. So if your shop has a computerized whee balancer, that's something to consider as well. Doc
  13. That's harsh! Sounds like it's going to be very hard to keep riding there without getting into trouble. Sorry to hear that. Doc
  14. if you are riding where you have permission from the land owner, why would the cops chase you?
  15. Doc_d

    300 TPI or yz450fx

    The TX / XC is going to be quite a bit stiffer than the TE / XC-W. Gear ratios are different as well. For rocks, roots, etc I'd prefer the TE / XC-W personally. I have an XCF-W and the suspension is really plush over the roots and rocks. There is no deflecting off rocks which makes holding you line through the rough stuff too easy. But if you're hammering whoops and getting any serious air the TX / XC will be better at the expense of being harsher over the roots and rocks. So pick your poison based on your terrain and riding style. I think there is a misconception that the TX / XC are race bikes and the TE / XC-W are "trail" bikes. They are all race bikes, just with different purposes in mind. Remember Graham Jarvis and Johnny Walker choose to ride the TE and XC-W (technically the EXC in the UK) respectively. Doc