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  1. Doc_d

    Yz250 or Crf450r

    YZ250FX... Why buy a motocross bike for the woods in 2019?
  2. Doc_d

    Shinko 244

    I think both my front and rear 3.00-21 and 5.10-18 Shinko 244's say Golden Boy on the sidewall. Doc
  3. Doc_d

    DRZ LED Headlight

    I hadn't thought about that, but it's a good idea. I end up getting caught in the rain quite a bit. Thanks! Doc
  4. Doc_d

    DRZ LED Headlight

    That's one of the big driving factors for me. We have many deer around here. If you ride at sunset, it's not a question of if a deer will run out in front of you, it's a question of how many times. So I'm pretty paranoid about hitting one at night. A friend of mine was riding his mountain bike on these gravel roads at night training for a race. He was going 25+ MPH down a hill and hit a deer. It cut his racing season short. Doc
  5. Doc_d

    Shinko 244

    I just checked and those are the sizes I went with. Doc
  6. Doc_d

    DRZ LED Headlight

    Yeah, I had to have something better. The stock headlight was terrible. Between the deer and the large pot holes / eroded section of gravel roads, riding at night with the stock headlight was downright dangerous. Often I'll go on long rides (80+ miles of gravel) and I'd always cut my rides short to make sure I was back before dark because doing an hour of gravel in the dark with the stock headlight would not be good. Doc
  7. Doc_d

    Shinko 244

    I've been running them for about 1,000 miles. I primarily ride gravel roads (90/10) and they've been great so far. They seem to be wearing well. For about 200 miles they did make an odd whining noise. Any tire with decent amount of tread is going to make noise. But this was an odd whine. I thought I had a wheel bearing going bad. It took me a while to figure out it was the tire. Then it seemed to fade away after 200 miles or so, which was weird. There is no real noticeable wear in the first 1,000 miles. If I remember correctly, when I did my research I ran across a few people saying these ran a little smaller than the stock death wings. I think when you convert from the stock metric size to the standard sizing that the Shinko's are in, you then want to go up to the next size. I can't remember if that was on the just one or both tires. If you aren't sure, let me know and I'll double check what size I ended up going with. The sizes I went with pretty much perfectly matched the foot print of the stock tires. Doc
  8. Doc_d

    DRZ LED Headlight

    I put an eBay LED headlight on my bike. It's a nice upgrade for about $32 if you want to fab up your own bracket or an additional $36 if you want to buy a bracket. This is the same headlight in the JNS engineering kit. I made a little video that covers the extra hardware you'll need and the install. But if you just want to see the comparison between the two headlights skip to 12:13.
  9. That's a great choice. I'm sure it will serve you we'll. Pics?
  10. Doc_d

    documents required XC-W300 Michigan

    In 2013 it would have come with a title. The title defines ownership. Without the title, you do not own the bike. Does the widow have the title? If not, she might have to request a new one assuming it was ever in the deceased's name. In Michigan it's actually illegal to sell or buy a dirt bike without the title transfer. Doc
  11. Doc_d

    2019 Yz250fx or f or other?

    Your original post doesn't mention any motocross track riding, only woods. If you are riding both, consider how much time you'll be on the track and how much time you'll be in the woods. Base the decision on the primary use. Doc
  12. Doc_d

    2019 Yz250fx or f or other?

    Yup, I'm on a KTM. But if I were in the market for a bike today the YZ250FX would be on my short list to consider for sure. Doc
  13. Doc_d

    2019 Yz250fx or f or other?

    You're not going to hit any 50 foot triples in the woods. So that stiff suspension on the F that's made for hitting triples, isn't going to be doing you any favors over the roots and rocks. You'll be deflecting off everything. The FX suspension is tuned softer for the roots and rocks. The tall first gear and close ratios of the F are perfect for the track. No so much when you're trying to pick your way through a slow technical section. The FX gear ratios are designed for woods riding. The 19" rear wheel and low profile tire of the F are great for railing turns on a groomed track. But trying to find traction over a wet log and not pinch flatting in the rocks isn't it's strong suit. The 18 inch wheel of the FX gives you a rear tire with more air volume that can be run at a lower pressure without pinch flitting and will conform to irregular shapes things (roots, rocks, logs, etc). Doc
  14. My biggest concern is that these bikes see street use. 5,000 miles is probably around 200 hours on the motor. I know these 500s put up some impressive hours before needing a rebuild, but isn't the book time for a top end something like 160 hours? Some people argue that the street miles are easier. In some cases maybe. But I remember a guy showing up here a few years back on ThumperTalk bad mouthing KTM because he paid $10K for a 500 and he popped a motor in the first year with only 6,000 miles on the bike. He said he rode it to and from work at 90 MPH on the highway. I wonder if he ever looked at the maintenance schedule. I think a lot of guys buy the 500 thinking they can pound 30,000 - 50,000 road miles on it like a DRZ which isn't the case. These are still race bikes even though they come with a plate. Doc
  15. Doc_d

    Which 350?

    I'd say that KTM and Husky are equivalent. Each one has some things the other doesn't. KTM gets the Brembo hydraulics and Husky get the Magura for example... I'd equally happy with either bike. The ECU situation gets more complex every year. The EXC-F, XCF-W, and FE are definitely locked and super lean EPA compliant calibrations. I'm not sure where the XC-F and FX bikes stand. They are technically competition bikes which typically haven't had these restrictions in the past. But with the whole red sticker green sticker thing I'm not sure how that al plays out. I can tell you as an XCF-W owner, that it became very hard to impossible to get a dealer to remap your ECU after 2016. That is why so many people, myself included, are just buying Vortex ECUs. Doc