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  1. willierides

    There's A Lot Of Quit In That Boy....

    Although I get on here and follow the banter, I rarely post. I didn't even really start following MX and SX until I was in my 40's. Yeah I'm old. And slow. But the first pro race I went to was Unadilla back when Stewart was on a KX125. Every time he went by I was pretty sure he was in the middle of crashing. He threw a heel clicker over the skyshot while simply demolishing the field and wringing the neck on that 125. I became a fan. Fast forward to the last few years....probably ever since he moved up to the big boy class and found out he wasn't going to smoke RC. I quietly watched and hoped he'd do something to make me a fan again only to be disappointed more than not. This past weekend just put the final stamp on what I already knew but didn't really want to believe. He is done. And I'm done trying to respect him. He obviously isn't putting any effort into training. Maybe in his (rattled?) mind he still thinks he's "the fastest man on earth" and that he can still get by on raw talent. Well he can't. And he's a quitter. Not just a "I'm not having fun so I'm pulling off the track" quitter, but a quitter on the preparation and dedication it would take for him to actually compete. Too bad. But if I was the boss, I'd fire him. I'd pay what I had to in order to get rid of him, cut my losses, find a new rider that would work their ass off and move on. I think I just posted enough to go back to lurking for another year or so!
  2. Wrecked on Father's Day a few years back on my own track. I had changed a bunch of stuff the day before and was riding well. I jumped a table top that I had changed and it was perfect. Rode by my wife, who was taking a break from riding, and gave her a big thumbs up because the changes in the table top were perfect. I was riding an RM125 and feeling quite excellent. I went over the one jump that I had NOT changed and had jumped many, many times before. Got a little too happy with the throttle and the power band and spun going up the face and ended up landing sideways, swapping and getting slammed into the hard ground, right on my side. Broke three ribs and punctured my lung on that side. It was a long recovery....my ribs still hurt sometimes. But I'm old. I was probably 50 or close to it when I wrecked, I'll be 54 later this year. It took me a while to get back to jumping. I am still a lot more careful to be smooth on jumps and I don't go any bigger than I feel comfortable going. I still have my track and ride but I bought a woods bike! Like others said, just ride and have fun...work up to whatever you want to do slowly and comfortably.
  3. willierides

    Dungey is a class act

    Well, maybe Ryan doesn't have any ink (maybe....yet?), but his dad sure does. Maybe Ryan doesn't think they're disgusting. If tats are the worst thing you "show your kids" by touting professional athletes, then you're not paying attention.
  4. willierides

    Pics of riding at my house

    Nice pic! If you mean Jackson's pumpkin farm, I know it well. Haven't been there in a while to ride (go walk the track once in a while), but keep meaning to. My job takes me around the Twin Tiers quite a bit. Not sure where you are, but from the pic I think I'd like the location! Edit: Just saw your username and location as PA. I get to the Scranton area pretty much weekly for work.
  5. willierides

    JCR/Honda going to GNCC

    I hope they do well. Chris Bach seems like a really nice guy. And, hey, maybe we'll see something other than a KTM on top of the box once in a while. They surely have their work cut out for them, though, with Charlie and Kailub on the orange bikes!
  6. willierides


    I used to practice brake tapping all the time because I had a few close calls 'looping out' on my CR250. I did it many, many times without using the clutch and stalled only a small percentage of the time. When I hit the landing with the clutch out and the gas on, it was like the bike never stalled. I did practice and learn to use the clutch, but only after learning the first technique. It may be something as simple as your throttle position and acceleration rate on take off. If you're accelerating and/or hitting the power band on the jump, you'll find your nose higher than if you hold a steady speed over the jump. It's kind of a neutral position, if you will, to just hold your speed steady up the face of the jump. If you're accelerating, the nose will tend to be up in relation to how hard you're accelerating. The harder you're accelerating, the closer you will come to looping out (all other things being equal). Conversely, if you let off the throttle (decelerate) off the face of the jump you will be nose LOW and may go over the bars if extreme. Try holding steady speed and working from there to progress as you get comfortable in the air.
  7. I didn't read every response, but will add this: I DO know someone personally that went over the bars and somehow managed to let his throttle hand slip down between the bar and his bark buster and it broke both bones in his forearm completely (when he went over the bars). For what it's worth, he's an older guy and if I didn't know of this first hand, I may not believe it either. As it is, ONE confirmed incident is hardly enough to make me quit using them. I gotta admit, though, sometimes when I'm ridng I think about it for a second and get a little creeped out! Ha ha.
  8. willierides

    J-Law in for nationals

    Oh, for shame. I'm so embarassed....*sniff*...Ima gon run away and you guys will never hear from me again! Actually, like I said, don't get on here much anymore. I scanned quickly through two pages of posts and didn't see anything. I'm surprised. Kind of like JS7, once people get going on J-Law it usually turns into a long, active thread. Guess even the internet doesn't really care anymore what J-Law does or doesn't do. Back to lurking, I s'pose. Signed, Lives in Cave....no....a VAN. Down by the river. Edit...whoa.....guess I HAVE been gone a while. Just noticed the bikes in my signature line thingy and it's way out of date.
  9. No joke. A friend of mine sent me a link to an interview. I don't post on here much, or even visit, but thought this would be a hot topic on here. Here's the link: http://motocross.tra...jason-lawrence/ Carry on.
  10. willierides

    Davi MSaps...

    I hope he does well. I too think that he may benefit from riding with Stewart. It looks like he's riding loose and having fun. I remember when RC and JS were battling a few years ago in the outdoors and Davi was hanging right with them, on a couple occassions, for several laps before he'd fade. He has the speed, but needs to stay healthy, trained and focused.
  11. willierides

    New KTM for Dungey

    Strangely, the more I look at the bike the less I like the actually asthetics. Love the quality, but visually it's too "busy" for me. And too orange. Lol. Guess I'm not ready to convert just yet. But by the time I am ready to buy my next bike....maybe....
  12. willierides

    New KTM for Dungey

    Nice bikes. Even though I just bought a Yamaha, I think my next bike will likely be orange. I think the radiator louvres are fugly, though. Give me plain ol' black or even white. That just pushes it a little over the "too much orange" line for me. Small thing to pick out, I know. And I don't CARE when the pictures were taken or if they were posted before. Just sayin'. Thanks for posting!
  13. willierides

    Vintage Pics!

    My 72 Bultaco Astro 360 flattracker....sold it Thanksgiving weekend.... My 79 Suzuki TS250. Fun for the short time it lasted....gone for a 2006 DR650SE.
  14. willierides

    New Stewart VID

    If that's a repost, I missed it previously. How can anyone not get a little giddy watching him casually wheelie across all those whoops? Come on. That's just fun to watch!
  15. willierides

    Josh Grant at Jeff Ward Racing - Video

    Not a huge fan of the "Mulisha", nope. I didn't catch the match. I'd like to, though. I just don't care for Grant's attitude. I watched the video hoping to see something I liked. I can't get past his smirky way of presenting himself. He is a punk, imho. I try to appreciate people for what they are. I just struggle with him. Maybe I'm old. My comments on his podium hopes stand. He's fast, but not that fast. He's inconsistent, injury prone and in the twilight of his career. Soon he'll go buh-bye! Did I say I like Hannah? In the end, the pro's are all young kids and I try not to be judgmental. I rarely post on here, but sometimes my own attitude gets the best of me!