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  1. There's a real nice enclosed unit for sale in So Cal on the ad board... Check it out!
  2. GasAHolic

    6ft vs. 7ft wide?

    Thanks... now to find it a worthy new home
  3. GasAHolic

    6ft vs. 7ft wide?

    Why have the added maintenance cost of 4 tires, bearings, more gas, etc., when it's not needed to haul only 4 bikes and some gear? Look at this new 6' x 12' unit I'm selling, which would accomodate your needs.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=9500 It would be perfect and ready to go! (but it won't remain for sale for long...)
  4. Between a toyhauler and a enclosed cargo type trailer. Does it have to have a bed, john, fridge? I've got a 6' x 12' enclosed hauler I'm selling here in the For Sale section and am wondering if I should call it a "toyhauler"... your thoughts?
  5. GasAHolic

    Elbows and biking

    Well, suspension is top notch and I have a Scotts and Pro Tapers on the bike. Just wondering if tendonitis (Tennis Elbow) is common, or maybe it's something else? Pain is in the elbows on up to the wrist....
  6. After getting back into riding again in the last year, I've noticed how it really seems to take a toll on the elbows. Not sure if I've got a case of tendonitis or CTS from keyboarding. Any thoughts? Does it affect you at all? Know of any good excercises for elbow tendonitis or CTS? Maybe 46 years is all my elbows are good for......
  7. GasAHolic

    Bike Insurance

    Check with Foremost, usually best price around. I've got 3 bikes and 2 quads covered with liability and comprehensive, primarily for theft. Paid $742 for the year, but my family record's not perfect.
  8. GasAHolic

    Tendonitis in the Elbows ?

    Anyone here have any suggestions. Both Elbows are in serious pain throughout the day and night...... seems to be getting worse
  9. GasAHolic

    Coyote Canyon CA info?

    Anyone have any information on this area, around Anza Borego? My friend says we should head out there this Sunday to ride and I'd like to know more about the place, and maybe a web link to a map, etc. Thanks.
  10. GasAHolic

    Suspension Setup For 5 WR450

    I'm about 5'9", 225#, and at 46 (years taken off from riding), probably an intermediate / advanced rider. With my '05, I found the suspension to be too soft and improved the front and rear with RT 4.8 kg/mm front spring and 5.8 kg/mm rear spring. Very nice now
  11. GasAHolic

    after market tank for 05 wr450

    I also recently put an IMS 3.4 Gallon Tank (3.1 model) on my '05. It fits very nice and there's no real problem with the fuel lines. I have Devol radiator guards, with no fit problems I'm aware of (shop installed tho).
  12. GasAHolic

    Got Ass?

    AAA+ on the best thread title so far this year
  13. GasAHolic

    There might be hope for CA

    This should be a no-brainer.... Unfortunately in Sacto politics, there are an unbelievable number of no-brains on our state government's payroll thinking this crap up! Hope some logic in our favor prevails soon