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  1. Hey guys, I just bought some ASV levers used from a local classifieds and found to my surprise that there is a hot start lever built into the clutch perch. I've been scouring the web and can't find any information about how to buy a cable and carb part to convert the red "button" into whatever part I need in the carb to make use of that hot start lever. Can anyone help? I did a forum search, but could only find one posting about buying a full conversion setup from Dr d. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I'm new to dirt bike, but I know on my old sportbike I had to jet the carb when I put on a full exhaust.
  3. Ouch... That's a big bill for such little work.
  4. Thanks guys.... I've rebuilt many auto engines and have done tons of timing belts, etc, on them... Why am I nervous about tearing the carb off?
  5. Ok, great. Thanks for the help...I'll start looking into what you guys suggested and hopefully find something small to fix.
  6. Thanks, CR23. Another question, off topic...do you have a single drain plug for your oil? My manual shows two oil screens, but my bike only has a single drain plug.
  7. Thanks for your reply...I'll check into these possibilities.
  8. Hey guys, I just got this in a trade and it ran great on the test drive, but now that it's home...I've changed the oil and checked filters and that's about it. It'll run and drive great if the "hot start" red button that's in the carb is out. If it's not out it pops and cracks and cuts out. Too rich? Too lean? Air screw is about 1.25 turns out.
  9. Great...thanks guys. Looks like I'll be living in YouTube learning how to do most of that.
  10. Thanks...sorry I should have seen that!
  11. What's the process on adjusting the manual tensioner? Plan on pulling the can cover and checking clearances, so I'll have to readjust that afterward, anyway.
    Brand new to the dirt bike scene/sport. This is my new to me 2006 Suzuki RMZ450. Stock, for now.
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    Brand new to the dirt bike scene/sport. This is my new to me 2006 Suzuki RMZ450. Stock, for now.
  13. Great. Thanks for your help. I used to run Engine Ice in my sportbikes. Good stuff.