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  1. kxrob

    Kx 125 1999

    If it is anything like the kx250 of the same year then it’s as below: 1999=L1 2000=L2 2001=L3 2002=L4 The free manual I got online covers both the 125 and 250 1999-2002 as simple as googling free 1999 kx125 service manual 👍
  2. How do you adjust the choke on a keihin pwk ? . The choke is not adjustable, do you mean air screw ?
  3. kxrob

    2003 kx 250 with 2016 plastics?

    fender bolts right number plate requires a small 90 degree bracket or drill and tap 90 degrees downwards where the standard number plate bolts to edit: if the 2003 number plate bolts downwards it will fit right on
  4. kxrob

    2000 KX250 bottom end

    Definitely do it yourself
  5. kxrob

    Does anyone else keep their bike in the house?

    Yeah mine get kept in a 6m x 7m shed (20’ x 24’ garage) , I do know a guy that used to rebuild Mazda rotary engines in the spare room of his unit back in the day
  6. kxrob

    KX Hybrid gas tank fitment

    what year is the kx125 frame
  7. kxrob

    KX Hybrid gas tank fitment

    Www.kdxriders.net also a Kx hybrid page on Facebook
  8. kxrob

    PWK 38 air striker

    Probably easier to pull the air boot off a bike that looks like a peek airstriker and look for the 2 fins
  9. kxrob

    PWK 38 air striker

  10. kxrob

    New Kdx hybrid build

    i have seen it done in a yzf frame the frame hoop is high enough to clear pipe with out mods
  11. kxrob

    First year of Hydraulic Clutch on TXT trials bikes?

    Definitely looks like they have if you zoom in on some pics on google. There is a trials bike forum in special interests if you have any more questions that would be the place to ask
  12. kxrob

    2000 exc200

    Which bit ?
  13. kxrob

    99 Kawasaki KX250 hard start

    What pilot jet ?