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  1. needsprayer


    I made one years ago. Supposed to promote laminar airflow by blocking off the pocket in the airbox which creates eddy currents. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/needsprayer/BRP/AirBoxview1.jpg[/img]"] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/needsprayer/BRP/AirBoxview2.jpg[/img]"]
  2. needsprayer

    another xr650r valve question

    Plug looks good. When you experience the loss of power at higher RPMs it could be due to restricted air flow through the air filter if it has been over-oiled.
  3. needsprayer

    another xr650r valve question

    What does that new sparkplug look like?
  4. needsprayer

    Installing a new carb

    2002 CR250R Replaced the stock carb with Keihin PWK Air Striker. Fitting the new carb into the two boots required a little elbow grease and in the process it picked up a little debris. The float bowl overflowed so I sprayed the float needle and fixed the problem. Found out the I had to turn the idle screw in because out of the box it was turned all the way out, this meant that I could not start the engine with the throttle left closed, which I tried to do out of habit. I started with the throttle held open and then adjusted the idle screw. I know, backwards. I rejetted and set the needle clip for my altitude before the install and was fortunate to get great off idle response. Took several laps around my 4 acres and can really tell the difference in the feel of the two carbs. The Mikuni is offically retired from service.
  5. needsprayer

    Show your PIG

    Looks brand new. I was searching for somes pics to see what the big tank would like and ran across this: http://www3.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=32558&
  6. needsprayer

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Hey Gizzzy that's a good looking 600. The total look is very clean and appealling.
  7. needsprayer

    XR650R sudden death

    Since you have two XRRs it's time to swap parts. Start with the spark plug cable and work one change at a time testing parts on your good XRR. Pull stator cover as well and inspect for contamination.
  8. needsprayer

    XR650R sudden death

    No fusible link. If ground wire is loose at mounting point or worn from rubbing an intermittent failure can occur. Had this occur on my CR250R once. Tightening a mounting bolt was a simple fix for a "mysterious" problem.
  9. needsprayer

    XR650R sudden death

    Check the coil ground wire.
  10. needsprayer

    XRR Phx Emissions Testing

    E10 gasoline would get you lower emissions and you would only need to run it for the test. Don't know if that alone would let you pass.
  11. needsprayer

    Sierra Vista during Christmas

    Great work mntdawg, truly master level. I have a friend who is a one man business. He makes custom circular stairs for $$$$$$$ homes in Virginia. It's easy to see the same degree of care and quality in your work. I will have to get a STL permit for 2011 and explore the St. David's trails. Thanks
  12. needsprayer

    Sierra Vista during Christmas

    Hi mntdawg, Is this the St. David Pits area? http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/arizona_10530/ride_6fd6.htm If not is it BLM or State Trust land? Where do you park?
  13. needsprayer

    Sierra Vista during Christmas

  14. needsprayer

    Sierra Vista during Christmas

    You can join nomadsmx for $10 in Dec. Pays for the remainder of the year (prorated at $10/month). Your timing is excellent for a one month membership. http://www.nomadsmx.net/location.html You get a key to the gate and can ride sun-up to sun-down every day. The MX track was recently groomed. There are limited trails and an oval track. You can go to Cochise Motorsports to sign up and get a key. http://www.cochisemotorsports.com/
  15. needsprayer

    55 year old plus riders

    Almost 60 and still riding both of my bikes. Just put a new D952 rear tire on my 250 using tire irons and colorful language. I'll be retiring soon and riding more.