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  1. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    Hey Ghill28, do you have a 16 yz450fx and a 14 ktm 300xc? So do i, which one do you prefer? i like the fx better i think, but it is more of a handfull in hard technical stuff because of its massive power and huge traction, iv found the fx more confidence inspiring on faster trails and i think i can ride it faster than the 300 and it seems to track better and not get knocked off line like the 300. Im really happy with the fx
  2. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    There is a big difference between riding wide open throttle in 3rd gear going up a giant hill and not stalling out and riding slow technical 1st and 2nd gear stuff on and off the throttle and not stalling out, what i have done here to my fuel line has made an improvement, its not just in my head either. My bike just wont stall now, its like my ktm300xc. Just saying.
  3. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    Hi Guys, i took my yz450fx apart again to get these photos to show you all my install of the steel fuel line and stainless straight top on my injector.
  4. ktm300dude

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    Im interested to know what all you guys have found when youve put on a gytr fmf muffler and or header as well on your yz450fx, i figure the stock header looks pretty decent and wouldnt be holding it back. How did affect the power delivery and sound?
  5. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    Have any of you guys got a tm designworks skidplate with link guard on your yz450fx? What do you think of it?
  6. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    Thanks Fly Low, i appreciatte your knowledge and feedback. The fuel system is buried under the tank and airbox and a bit of a pain to take it all off, i shouldve taken photos while she was in bits, if i feel keen il take it to bits again and get some pics.
  7. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    You guys need to take a look at what ktmhusky does, he has fixed ktms rubbish fuel systems with great results and watch the YZ250fx video, he has a air fuel ratio guage mounted on the bars and shows how he fixed that. Cars dont have crap sharp as bends in their fuel lines, they are all rounded swept bends for good flow, why dont cars pop stall??? I can tell my YZ is better, it would stall before, now it doesnt, thats data enough for me.
  8. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX feedback and reviews

    Hi Guys, have you guys seen Dave Simon on his site ktmhusky and how he fixed yz250fx lean out condition when at low rpms and cracking open the throttle? I have a 16 yz450fx and it has the same fuel line and injector top which is crap. But i fixed it and fixed it better than ktmhusky. The stock injector has a real tight as 90 degree bend on top of it, then 4 inches or so upstream towards the tank there is another tight as 90 bend. These bends are really bad for fuel flow, especially when riding slow or cornering slow then cracking open the throttle, there is a sudden lean condition while the fuel regathers itself, which can cause stalling out. I got an engineer to make a new straight shot injector top out of stainless steel, then i got a 8mm steel fuel line off an old car, (1990 300zx nissan fairlady) and it had almost the perfect shape bends in it to suit the yz. Its difficult to explain but the fuel line has a hose tail with a barb on one end then goes like an upside down U shape with nice curvy bends then bends again towards the side of the bike and goes out to side and bends again towards back of bike and continues for about 8 inches then has a barb and hose tail which you push stock rubber fuel line onto after cutting it in correct place and hose clamping it. I used a short piece about 2inches long of 8mm rubber fuel injection line to join the injectors new straight up 8mm tail with barb, to the upside down U shape steel fuel line. The upside down U shape steel line almost touches the bottom of the airbox, which is the worst part of this mod but its ok. I was lucky to find the fuel line from the car cos it is almost perfect, it needed a few slight tweaks and minor bends here and there but i got it real good. Steel was the only solution i could see would work because of the bends, rubber will kink, so will steel braided line if you bend it 90 degrees. The finished result is nice smooth rounded bends so the fuel can flow smoothly to the injector. I have not stalled my bike at all and can chug right down low in a higher gear then crack it open and it just hauls, its how it should be from the factory.
  9. ktm300dude

    Yamaha YZ450FX Fuel Line Improvement Mod

    Hi guys, i watched what Dave Simon from ktmhusky youtube site did to the Yamaha YZ250FX fuel injector to improve low rpm response, cure the lean out issue, and stop flame outs and stalling at low rpm. Very interesting I thought, so i pulled my 16 YZ450FX apart and checked out the fuel rail and i's exactly the same. It has a sharp as 90 degree bend right on top of the injector and another sharp as 90 bend about 4 inches upstream. Not cool at all. I have done what Dave did by getting an engineer to make a new straight shot injector top, but I had a 8mm tail with a barb made on mine so That I can use a bit of 8mm fuel injection line to push onto it and use a hose clamp to secure it. Dave made his so he still clips onto the stock 90 degree fuel fitting. I have made mine better than that to get the best possible fuel flow. I found 8mm steel fuel line on an old wreck of a car I have, a z32 300ZX with almost the perfect bends for the job. So, the injector now has a stainless steel top made with a straight up 8mm tail with a barb. The steel fuel line joins there and it goes up and then curls over like an upside down U-shape with nice curved bends (no restrictions). It then turns 90 degrees nicely and goes towards the right side of the bike. From there it curves nicely 90 degrees again and goes towards back of bike with a barb on it joining it to the stock rubber fuel injection line that goes to the tank. There's about 40 or 50mm clearance between top of injector and the bottom of the airbox, so just enough room to do it. My steel fuel line under the airbox is almost touching, but apart from that, it's an awesome install and i love it. My YZ450FX never stalls now! I was lucky enough to find the right shape fuel line, bending it slightly to make it perfect. Apart from finding a steel line off a car, I'm not sure if an Engineer could fabricate an 8mm steel line to do the job. Because it's a fairly tight upside down U shape that goes to the injector, rubber and braided lines likely won't be suitable. Dave Simon from ktmhusky is onto something big with fixing four-stroke fuel systems. The stalling and flameouts that I experience with my YZ450FX aren't something we have to live with. It wasn't bad, but now it's just perfect in the woods. This is a cheap and awesome mod!
  10. ktm300dude

    YZ450FX Owner EFI & Timing Map Database

    I tried +2 on low rpms for all 3 throttle openings on the fuel settings and left everything else set at stock which is 0. So the left column is all +2 and middle and right columns all 0, this stopped my pop stalling problem, I can now chug around without flaming out, it was just to lean down low. Also if you turn cold start knob to lower idle it also leans it out and makes it pop stall out which I think could be tuned out but I havnt tried I just turned the idle back up to where it was.