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  1. mjf65

    DR350SEX fork oil change

    Did the DR350 fork oil change this weekend no problems. In fact the oil was really clean so it must have been changed not long before I put my 2000 miles on the clock. I mananged to get a Suzuki workshop manual and discovered that the UK model E2 model has longer forks which requires 569ml per fork leg and an air gap of 152mm. The air gap as found was 165mm so whoever had done an oil change before probably only bought 1 litre of oil!
  2. mjf65

    DR350SEX fork oil change

    Thanks, that's what the manual says give or take a mm.
  3. mjf65

    DR350SEX fork oil change

    You mean air gap of 144mm don't you?
  4. mjf65

    DR350SEX fork oil change

    It's about time I changed the fork oil on the old Suzuki as far as I know it could be 18 years old. I have the Suzuki manual which gives 2 different amounts for the amount of oil 10 weight required? The figures given are 494ml or 569ml with an air gap of 145mm. Any advice from previous DR owners gratefully received (Richard). Thanks Mike
  5. mjf65

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Hello from Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. A photo of my DR350 resting outside the old market building in Tetbury before it got really muddy.
  6. mjf65

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    My 1999 DR350SEX doing what it does best, getting gloopy with Gloucestershire mud!
  7. mjf65

    Oil Leaking Around Drive shaft

    I need to resurrect this thread! I've been pulling my 1999 DR350SEX apart tonight to change the chain and sprockets, wheel bearings and other general maintenance as I've only just bought it. On inspection there was tons of clay and gunge behind the sprocket which I then carefully dug out and then I noticed a very small amount of oil coming from the seal area of the output shaft. however I can't see the oil seal, is there another cover that needs to be removed to get at the leaking seal?