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  1. Jlsinz

    Red sticker program changes delayed

    Please elaborate Search in link provided comes up no data found Link to CARB still has all "red sticker" restrictions
  2. Jlsinz

    Mammoth Camp/Ride/Fish?

  3. Brewster, my point exactly. That ruling was made in 2016. Here we are 5 months later with a group of the same people have a symposium about the Flat Tailed Horned Lizard. They don't give up groups have been trying for years to get this lizard and other plants and animals on the endangered species list as in the past once this happens we will loose more areas to any number of activities. Don't think just because they lost one ruling they will stop coming at us.
  4. I here you. Everyone can make a phone call. Everyone should be able to take a few minutes and compose a email to the elected representatives. It becomes harder when you try to voice your concerns with a physical presence. The age group you mention are busy working to support their families and can not afford the time to travel to a week day event. (Note the Horned Lizard symposium is on a Friday) Nothing I posted is misinformation the fact is groups have been trying to get this Lizard declared a endangered species for years and whether or not they specifically want to shut down OHV use that is what the outcome will be. The banning of "RED" sticker vehicle use is in fact a current proposal CARB is considering. CARB is a bureaucracy that does not answer to anyone. So the proposal won't even see a politician's desk.
  5. And that is exactly what has happened. Been riding in Anza Borrego since 1967, have witnessed many changes. With the formation of Ocotillo Wells OHV you have had a concentration of activities right off of highway 78. Out of the thousands of square miles that the Colorado Desert consists of all the average person just sees is this small area.
  6. Jeff, Ya the wife and I have been looking for retirement property in the Vail area. Retirement can't come soon enough. Be watchful over there also. Found out when looking at OHV regulations that in the Phoenix area they shut down all off-road activities during certain periods to mitigate "high dust concentrations in the area.
  7. It could be said this belongs in the land use forum but it is of particular concern to California. First is Borrego / Ocotillo Wells. There is going to be a symposium in Borrego springs on Friday the 26th regarding the Flat Tailed Horned Lizard. I believe that the groups that have been trying to get this lizard declared a endangered species and use the declaration to close down off roading in the area will be in attendance. Would be good if anyone concerned could attend and learn what these groups are. Here is the flier from the Anza Borrego Foundation http://www.theabf.org/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/final_4-10-17_flat_tailed_horned_lizard_flyer.jpg Next issue is state wide concern. Currently several of the states OHV parks allow "RED" sticker vehicles to be riding during certain times of the year. The California Air Resources Board is proposing to ban this practice. Your RED sticker bike would be limited to MX tracks only. Please contact CARB and your state legislator to oppose this rule change.
  8. Jlsinz

    California OHV program in danger

    You do know that the majority of State Parks department management is anti off road? Once the funds are no longer specified to the OHV program it can and will be spent on in other areas favored by these anti OHV employees. So yes, your OHV riding areas are in danger of losing more of their funding. By the way, you know that gas tax / registration fee increase bill that passed? On of the provisions in it takes away OHV funding!
  9. More info here: http://www.offroadxtreme.com/news/california-bill-to-undermine-ohv-program-approved/ If funding is cut it is likely the state would just close OHV areas
  10. Jlsinz

    question about leak down test?

    Leak down test are to test ring and valve seal. On a four stroke any blow by will vent out the crankcase vent or the intake/exhaust ports. On a two stroke you have a sealed crankcase and no valves so what would you be testing? On a two stroke compression is the best indicator of ring seal. To test the crank seals for leakage you new to plug the intake and exhaust ports and use a vacuum pump and gauge.
  11. Jlsinz

    Rider Survey