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  1. khyz250

    Regreasing new bikes?

    Definitely re-grease the steering stem, shock linkage, and swing-arm bearings. Follow your manual for instructions on removing them. It’s not a difficult job, it just takes some time. Get 4 plastic zip lock bags and place your bearings in the bags so you don’t get them mixed up.
  2. khyz250

    Renthal Front Sprocket

    Thanks for the confirmation guys. It looked like it didnt matter either way so I orientated the sprocket so the numbers show on the outside.
  3. khyz250

    Renthal Front Sprocket

    Hey guys... I changed my stock sprockets for Renthal sprockets on my 2009 YZ250. Does anyone know which way the front sprocket should go on the shaft? The front sprocket has the part number and "Renthal" stamped on it. Should the stamp face in or out. I looked at the sprocket and to me it looks identical either way. Thanks Kevin
  4. khyz250

    who gets joint pain?

    If I wear my moose vented gloves I always get a pain in my right middle finger knuckle. It's very strange; I just chalk it up to the vibration of the bike and the gloves not having enough padding. Try thicker gloves, it helped me.
  5. khyz250

    linkage bearings

    One way to tell is that your rear suspension will not have a smooth rebound. It will begin to stick in the compressed position. I would tear it down and regrease if you are worried about it. You can then inspect the bearings for wear.
  6. khyz250

    break in procedure

    I run 3 heat cycles. 1st cycle just starting the bike and blipping the throttle from idle to 1/4 (10min). For the second cycle I do the same (15min). For the third I go to 1/2 throttle (15min). I let the bike cool completly between each cycle. I then ride the bike going from idle to 1/4 throttle (10min). Let it cool down completly. I then ride going from idle to 1/2 throttle (15min). Then I let her rip. Kevin
  7. After trying to remove my steering stem bearing for 2 hours, I finally broke down and took it to a local shop. They removed my old bearing and pressed the new bearing on. It was worth the $20 charge.
  8. khyz250

    rear brake calliper wont close

    I had the same problem when a few years ago when I took my tire off to change it. I accidently hit the brake pedal and the pads squeezed together. I couldnt get them apart. I finally opened the bleed screw and pumped the some fluid out. After a few minutes I was able to push the pads apart. I had to bleed the brakes though. It wasnt too tuff.
  9. khyz250

    Cleaning a 2-smoke??

    Disassemble the silencer and remove the packing and stinger. Get a propane torch and heat up the stinger. Use a screw driver or brissle brush to remove all the build up. Heat up the housing and remove the gunk build up.
  10. I used an air compressor the last time I installed new grips. It is easier than going through the grip glue process and safety wire method.
  11. khyz250

    lets see your yz's in action!!

    http://i370.photobucket.com/albums/oo145/khyz250/Kevin1.jpg http://i370.photobucket.com/albums/oo145/khyz250/Kevin2.jpg
  12. khyz250

    Out with the 2007 in with the 2009

    Wow...I am suprprised from some of the responses. Your bashing me for upgrading from an 07 to an 09... whatever. If you had the opportunity to upgrade your bike, would you not take the opportunity? I am well aware of the changes from the 07 and you guys forgot the mention the new graphics. Anyways the bike ran great, not much of a difference from the 2007, the gripper seat is cool. I am glad I had the opportunity to pick up the 09.
  13. I got lucky and sold my 2007 YZ250 and picked up a 2009 YZ250 today. I can't wait to test it out tomorrow. http://i370.photobucket.com/albums/oo145/khyz250/000_0438.jpg
  14. khyz250

    FINALLY got it 2008 yz250

    Nice looking buy...congrats. You can twist the carb to install the jets but I think it's easier to just remove the carb.
  15. khyz250

    YZ250 sticky steering stem bearings

    Oh man I just went through this with my 2007. I replaced the bearings and it was a nightmare. Getting everything off is the easy part. Getting the lower stem bearing off was a whole nother job in itself. My advice, if you can clean the bearings, regrease, and have the steering be smooth then leave the original bearings on. If you go down the road I went down, I recommend getting the stem off the bike, and taking it down to a shop to have them press the lower end bearing out and place the new one on.