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  1. 17 300 race. Jetted down to a 155, cranked out the valve to flush with case and holy...... you gotta do it!!!
  2. My 17 300 race... new grips, arc levers and rad guards.
  3. Another great source for all wiring connectors is Aeromotive. Google them if your searching for something. They provide most of this stuff to the OE's and working in a shop for 20 plus, they haven't not been able to supply me a replacement instead of having to buy the whole harness. Very reasonable and quick turnaround. Bummer man. I was jacked about oil injection but my dealer treated me so well on the 17 300race that I couldn't pass it up. Glad I went that route, just for all the extra goodies they come with.
  4. I need to clarify... I wasn't speaking about my Beta dealer. I bought my new 300 race and they went through it for me because of the relationship I have with them. They ARE the dealer that informs their customers on what the bike needs next and guess what, young techs are getting a chance to get into these bikes and their customers are much happier than other dealers. I was speaking in general terms, I don't have a problem with my Beta dealer but that's one more reason I bought a Beta. I knew they would be supportive, informative and take good care of me.
  5. Your not getting it man and I'm not interested in engaging in a pissing match over nothing. The more you talk, the more you'll realize your in the same camp as me. It's not anyone's faul if there is a maintenance failure other than the rider or mechanic. Get that? Agree here? What I am saying is that there can be a better experience for the rider/owner if dealers were a little more thorough with their customers. I'm sorry if you feel it's too much to put on someone that is selling a machine to simply say..."you should check this over before everyride, even the first because we assembled, not set up, and by the way, we didn't assemble the whole thing, comes in partially assembled from the mfgr. If your interested, for another x dollars, we can go through it if your not sure how to" Wow! Freaking massive undertaking huh. I don't think the conversation started with a very knowledgeable owner. Talks of noobs etc. I'll stop here. Point made and if you don't get it now, I'm not wasting my life trying to get you to see. Happy 4th everyone! I'm going to ride my 300 race that I thoroughly maintain and my dealer gives me great info when I need it.
  6. So.... your a proponent of each on their own. I'm a proponent of both working together to provide a better experience for both. Your perspective is old, worn out and lazy. New perspective is customers expect more, from every industry. Sorry you feel that nobody should progress. If you actually read my post... I lay responsibility on both. Both can do a better job. Lol! Keep your insults to yourself.
  7. Lol... if you think I know less than you, shows a lot, you know nothing about me and my credentials. Nuff said I'm simply advocating that dealers have a part in informing customers. I'm not saying it's all on them, it's a team sport. Dealers should play a part in sharing some info, buyers should realize they need to educate themselves and ask questions to be safe and have fun. Typical relationship. Takes two to make it happen and both have a duty to be responsible.
  8. Shame on the noob that walks in and doesn't know what to trust from google searches and YouTube??? That's a freakin joke. It's YOUR DUTY, as a business owner to ensure people's safety and guess what... you just created another positive contribution to the sport, the community and another vein to profit. That's a win win. To think that a business can just employ more mindless, I'll or uninformed people to service the public is reckless, dangerous and flat out irresponsible. You chose to sell something, better know what your doing.
  9. As a consumer, I deserve to know my bike needs additional work before tearing up the hills. Uninformed, new riders deserve to know this needs to be done and the option given to pay for set up. Just blindly letting someone figure it out, especially the hard way is what causes a lot of problems and obviously sours people on the experience. Just inform people. That's their damn job. Help keep the sport moving in a positive direction.
  10. It's a 64 MG. Father in law was kind enough to drag it out of his field and give to us as a wedding present 15 years ago. She wont let me get rid of it. Too sentimental.... I could buy two of them restored for the cost of me redoing this one. And my dad owns a large Bodyshop and I can do all the work! I'll make you a screaming deal if you come take it at night! Lol!
  11. My little fam... 83 XR350R, 90 XR100R, 93 XR200R, my dad bought all of these new growing up, I bought from him later. All original.
  12. Dude... that guard is MONEY!!! They even threw in the linkage guard too!! Saved my pipe and linkage many times. Plus everyone that sees it like DAMN!! Lol!
  13. Dunlop mx52. First time with these tires and tubliss. Ran 8 in front and 6 rear and it felt good! Need to keep playing with it to see the range and how it works. Any suggestions?
  14. NEW RUBBER and TUBLISS!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! Riding the heck out of Boise area trails this week! Nice to be riding new stuff away from home!
  15. My goodness, this brings back memories..... Love seeing a father teach his kids to fix things.... I was raised in a shop, I raised my kids knowing how to fix their cars, bikes, problems... Such a lost art! Good man!