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  1. Has anyone make a klx450 or any offroad bike street leagal in ma ?
  2. Does Anyone make rear brake disc gaurds for the KLX 250 ? Does anyone have any on there KLX250 that work or can be made to work ?
  3. Bark Buster

    2009 Klx250s Unabiker Rad Guards

    Just an Update. I got the guard for the left side just as Brian said he would do. All I had to do was drill a couple new holes and it fit mint. I E-mailed him back with the specs and a few pics. And Brian E-mailed back the same day. said he will take my specs and see what he can come up with. Thanks again UnaBiker and Brian. What great service.. UnaBiker Good........F2Racing BAD.....
  4. Bark Buster

    Need help with 2009 KLX250S

    Well first off a Thank you too your son for serving in the armed forces. And Thanks to any and all vets for my freedom. As far as the mods I have the same bike for my son. I am working with UnaBiker to fit radiator gaurds on the 2009 KLX250S and I have orderd a Utah motor sports Skid plate. And installed a set of moose racing hand gaurds. As for engine Mods I ordered Dynojet carb kit and a Twin Air fliter and a FMFq2 slip on waiting on Exhaust to come in and air fliters. I would do protection first then engine mods last. I would at least rejet and remove air box lid and drill out exhaust baffle I will let you Know how my mods come out when I get all stuff in.
  5. I have Great News for 2009 klx250s owners . Brian at UnaBiker is working with me to make guards that fit the 2009. The 2006-2007 kit does not fit the left side (horn side ) on the 2009 . He is bending a test set form me now and is going out of his way to make a set that fits. You dont get this type of service anymore from people. UnaBiker is a great product with great service above and beyound what is expected.I will let you know when he has a kit that fits. Please wait and buy this kit from them. Hats off to Brian and UNABIKER:applause:
  6. Bark Buster

    F2 Racing

    The Dirt Bike issue is July 2008 with Bobby Garrison on the cover # 5 bike if you go to www.dirtbikemagazine.com you maybe able to look up article. Starts on page 64 . Hope its helps cause F2 wont. Dlyan must of kissed Tom Webb ass to get all that good press from dirt bike. You can get back issues on the web site I just checked
  7. Bark Buster

    F2 Racing

    F2 Sucks Big Time . I orderd a block off and a jet kit from them that came with no instructions. and Yes it took like 7 calls just to get them to ship my order and he made up false tracking #'s Dlyan is a dirt bag big time. Well on a good note Dirt Bike mag did a article on F2's kit with full blown instuctions and trouble shooting areas for the KLX 450. If you want I can get the issue #'s
  8. Bark Buster

    Aftermarket Handlebars for 2009 KLX250S???

    I just cut a 1/8 " off the stock bars . Just enough to cut the spot welds off and then pulled the weights out . Then Moose Bark Busters fit mint. I do agree that the stock bars look cheap and will pretzel the first dump . I cut the Ball off the levers and sand ends smooth . I like the levers tucked inside the bark busters . Some people just lower the levers so they dont have to trim them.
  9. Bark Buster

    09 KLX250s vs 08 Ninja 250R pricing

    Now I see why Witdogg dont like you:foul: Man you should see his 4fitty .I am older than you and can kick your in the woods and on the street . You must be a Gay teacher who likes to correct kids all day. Or maybe you are not allowed near kids. The KLX 250 is a great beginer bike . To bring kids out of the woods and onto the street. Then when he grows up I can put him on a real mans Bike. Like my Triumph Speed Triple. I would ride all day with Witdogg and laugh at how gay you are . Dont take this the worng way but
  10. Bark Buster

    Techniques for riding a Wheelie

    When the back of your helmet hits the ground you went too far back. When your face hits the ground you let off the throttle to quick. When your MoM and Dad take the bike away your in the Hospital
  11. Bark Buster

    Ride Report: 2009 KLX250S vs. 2006 KLX250S

    I just got a 2009 klx 250 for my son .I orderd a FMF Q4 a 2009 250 dyno jet kit and unibiker rad gaurds . Guess I will be the one to find out if they fit the 2009. And a Utah skid Plate.. I have uni biker and Utah skid plate on my KLX 450R and love them both. The 2 KLX's look good next to each other. Has any one done the crank case mod? If not what do you do with hose when you take air box lid off ?
  12. Does anyone know if the Uni Biker gaurds fit the 2009 ? the web site says 06 to 07 KlX 250 Or does any one have Radiator Gaurds on there 2009 ? Thanks for any help
  13. Bark Buster

    DRZ 400S Or KLX250S for beginer bike

    The DRZ 400 SM has the same seat height as the KLX 250. I think I will go with the DRZ400SM and keep the CRF230 for the woods . I think he will have too fight me for who's gonna ride the DRZ400SM more
  14. Bark Buster

    DRZ 400S Or KLX250S for beginer bike

    Thanks for the input . My son Philip is 5'9" and 16 years and about 160lbs
  15. Hi I have trained my son in the woods on honda crf's 100 up to the 230 that he rides now. I am stuck between getting the KLX250s that fits him good now. But I can see him outgrowing very fast. The DRZ400 will be a big jump from the crf230. But I can see him keeping the 400 for a few years . And have some power to get out of harms way when needed. Everyone seems to love the DRZ and are hapy with it. Thanks for any help in this matter. I have Two street bikes as well as a KLX 450 R so I do plan on ridding with him to train him on the pavement as well