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  1. You might like this? I been using it for years. 8 oz. bottle lasts a long time. I get over 2 seasons (150+ hours) out of one bottle, bikes get washed and re-lubed every ride as is required here in the Mud-Atlantic region. It stays really clean, and you can feel and hear everything getting real smooth and quiet while applying. Plus, they are also from Washington.... https://www.dumondetech.com/portfolio/bhp-chain-oil/
  2. I ride with a slew of different guys from 3-5 different clubs in my region... Normally, my 40 year old self, or my 37 year old buddy are the youngest guys on any given trail ride. Most of those old turds will blow the carbon off ya!
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    hp for a fe 250

    Heres this..,.
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    Capacitor Jump Start

    LOL @sirthumpalot
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    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    Also very much depends on your carrier. My Verizon subscription gets me pretty good coverage in many areas of RAC. But there are for sure area's I have been to with no coverage. I'd never want to "depend" on the coverage.
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    Lowering 17 350 excf

    +1 on EErider I installed F/R Zeta lowering pieces in my '19 EXC-F. Worked out real easy, and even came with half decent instructions. It is not like these type items are so elusive that they have to come from China, so I'd probably order real brand product from a real USA or Canada vendor. Here is the Tokyo offroad vid of the install. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nJiUTQn88Y Here is the link to the ZETA page http://www.zeta-racing.com/sus/lowering_inner_f/lowering_f.html http://www.zeta-racing.com/sus/lowering_inner_r/lowering_r.html You would be looking for part #’s Front: ZE56-31070 Rear: ZE56-32246 Many places sell the ZETA pieces
  7. Also--this may not be relevant, but: Check your TPS setting, the previous owner may have messed with it? The Vortex on my '19 has a sequence for "setting the TPS limits" Try doing that sequence after verifying TPS is set to OEM spec, if applicable for your '14 model
  8. Yeah, the Rekluse is a true "Game Changer" and I am not 100% decided that I will not go back to an auto clutch. I did "learn" to mitigate flame outs when I had the Rekluse installed. With zen like right wrist control and precision they can be almost non-existent. Also--FWIW in my case: I did change the "low" trim on my Vortex toward richer settings and it did not cure the flame out. It is easy to try and go back....
  9. I knew you would reply "yes" I know more than a few riders who suffer flame outs, even with Vortex. I was one of them. All those I know who have flame outs despite the Vortex also use Rekluse. Also the witnessed flame outs are mostly always in the same throttle range/riding situations, ie slow, technical, small throttle openings and closings, or a fast close of the throttle and then a slight re-opening. (like cresting a hill climb, or rolling into a blind sweeping corner) It is a reach and pure speculation but somehow...... I think the Rekluse exacerbates the potential for an orange 4t bike to flame out. I fried my Rekluse by riding lazy and had to remove it and return to a standard clutch. My bike no longer flames out. Though I do sometimes mismanage the clutch and have good old fashioned stalls. There is a difference between a stall and a flame out which is important to identify. In my experience the flame out is almost always accompanied by a "pop" and then OFF. I know what I am suggesting here is going to be controversial. The thread of continuity between flame out sufferers/Rekluse users was hard for me to completely ignore. By happenstance...suffering zero flame outs since removal of the Rekluse (with no other changes) was cause for further belief that the auto clutch and the flame out are somehow inextricably linked to one another. One of my buddies has spent $$$$, and many many hours chasing the flame out on his Vortex'd 500, but has yet to try try it without the Rekluse. So which is worse? A random flame out turns your bike off---or 2 mm of failed coordination on your clutch finger turns your bike off? At least you know you aint running lean and hot....
  10. Does it have a Rekluse auto clutch in it?

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    For sale is a brand new, never installed or used Rekluse LHRB Master Cylinder Lever and Pivot replacement part. From Rekluse it is Part # RMS-222A This should fit newer Rekluse LHRB Master Cylinders. Specifically I bought and carried this one around as a spare for Rekluse RMS-5312 model LHRB....which is pretty well the "fits all" for KTM/Husky model bikes with Brembo brakes. I bet this would also fit many other motorcycles since the handlebar master cylinder for Rekluse is shared on almost all models, regardless of brake or bike brand.... Please verify fitment for your application before deciding to purchase. This item normally sells from Rekluse for a ludicrous $60+shipping!!!! Buy yourself a spare (and peace of mind) for a reasonable $35 shipped, 48 Conus only.


    , MD


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    For sale is a used, very good condition, 100% complete and functional Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit. This version fits almost all KTM/Husqvarna bikes with Brembo rear brake/master cylinder. It is model RMS-5312 and IS the most current version of this product. It was installed and used on my '19 EXC-F for about 35 hours. All the parts are included: Seals, Spare Seals, Instructions, Syringes, tube clips, fittings, Master Cylinder Lever/Perch, Rear Master Cylinder Insert....its all there and ready for install! Please verify fitment for your particular make and model before purchase. This exact same item currently sells for $329, and Rekluse items are NEVER on sale or eligible for discounts/coupons.... Item is cleaned, packed, and ready for immediate USPS Priority shipping. 48 CONUS shipping only. Price $183 shipped.


    , MD

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    Rattling noise...350 exc-f

    Last week I installed the updated oil pump gear in my '19 350 Since a coolant drain and TDC setting and lock up was required while removing the clutch cover and primary I decided to "make the leap" and installed the DT Tensioner. Its very noticeable how much more quiet the 350 is with the DT tensioner. I understand how the oil pump/hydraulic tensioner is a total catch-22 situation... I am happy with my decision to "upgrade" the tensioner. (until I am not???🤞)