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  1. Wash em however you please. I just regular old machine wash/dry (extra low) Shit aint gonna last forever anyway....
  2. Lose the Kouba link bro...unless you enjoy weird leverage ratios, and poor action for your suspension. Replacement lowering links are a very poor solution to seat height issues. Are you really short?
  3. Has an easy-out ever done anything other than break off in the hole? I mean, seriously.... Eff those things man!
  4. Eh... I thought all that F1 arms and powervalve sticking was yesterdays news. (affected older models, but not really '17-18) Am I incorrect, and aside from taking the PV ass'y apart. How would this issue present itself?
  5. I ordered mine hours after the OP made the post. Drivers arrived last week from Canada.
  6. Snow in April get you screwed too? Oh, didn't snow here! But all our organizers cancelled their events based on predictions....
  7. I bought the New Leatt X-Frame braces this year. IDK how much differently they fit from the C-Frame brace, or how differently your legs are shaped than mine. So far I am loving them. The fit is great, though I think that they are sized small-ish. (I had to buy a large and I am normally small-medium in gear) Feel so much better on the bike knowing that the likelihood of my knee going "wrong way" is significantly reduced. I used the Leatt knee guards for a year or so, and made the leap to a full brace this year. At least I got em before I had a "wish I were wearing knee braces" moment and missed weeks of work and usefulness as a parent~~
  8. Rode about 40 miles today...didn't end up on the dirt once and still used my front brake plenty!! Really worked out as well as I had hoped
  9. OK gang... I probably suck, maybe it is because I am a cyclist, is the Goldentyre Fatty not the be all....... But for whatever reason I have put myself on the dirt sooooooooooooooooo many times for just a simple tag of the front brake. IMO the brake is overpowered...or maybe undermodulated. So I finally decided to do something about it. Hoping that this 1/3 reduction in brake friction material (power?) helps. If not the next step is removing the right handle~~ (credit for this hack belongs to Danny Walker, ex-pro, champion Flattracker, and founder of American Supercamp riding clinics)
  10. It was over 25 hours before I could reliably get neutral~~LOL
  11. I stay using the KTM/Motorex that is recommended. My trans definitely took quite a while to feel "broken in"
  12. '18 150 XC-W
  13. I had the Kreft RC treatment applied to my suspension this past winter... Yes...It was expensive. Customer service and attentiveness/diligence at Kreft was great. I rest easy knowing that the suspension has been worked over by someone with a very good following, and who thinks outside the box to develop their own solutions and proprietary parts for performance flaws that they have identified in the Xplor. When I got my suspension back, it came with a whole mess of stuff that was removed and replaced from inside the fork. (Not just a set of seals and a few spare shims...) Riding...well, I am now running with guys that were way out in front of me last season. And that is not because of my skills or a dedicated training regimen. I have been nursing a broken collar-bone since last Nov. 3 weeks ago was my first ride back on the bike with the new Kreft setup. It was the best I have ever rode on that bike, and my immediate feeling was. "Yeah, I spent 2x what others spend on a suspension re-do...but man is it amazing!!!" And not having to worry, and tinker all the time is priceless to me and my riding time... I have not even touched an adjuster yet!!! And that is not because I do not know how. I have re-valved plenty of bikes and am persistent about setting sags, etc... Just bolted on and WOW! (PS--its not like Sphere Kits are really cheap either!?...)
  14. And FWIW. My '18 is ON FIRE!!!! (as configured below) Bike engine mods: V-Force, RK insert, 5.0 slide, RB carb mod (39 mm bore, divider plate, circuitry fixes) FMF Trubinecore 2.1 Jetting: S-7 42/75 (2) 520 30 1.5 Yellow PV spring 2.25-2.50 turns from full CCW Kreft Moto RC suspension is just fabulous! 50-60 degrees, sea level, technical woods
  15. Watched that first vid..thought--"man that dude rips, even with those mickey mouse handguards!"... Watched the second vid--from the TKO. Good call~~