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  1. kevvyd

    Oil filter cap

    One of my Bro's bought a brand new '17 Beta a year ago. It had a host of "build quality" issues. Mostly pinched and misplaced o-rings.... Missing piece here and there. Now we all know that is unacceptable...But he was very well taken care of by Beta customer service. (unlike KTM, who knows that they have a captive customer base and seem to care less)
  2. This will only make it worse....... (u can see the 3rd bike in the rose tinted shadows through the window! Beta 250 RR, Beta 430, 350 EXC-F)
  3. This is how we do it.... 4 bikes, 4 captains chairs, 10 MPG of Ford Windsor! '95 E-150 Club Wagon Chateau, E-250 suspension, 32" LT tires on +20 offset AR Baja's
  4. kevvyd

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    The Ex is still at the dealer she was traded in at..... https://baltimore.craigslist.org/mcy/d/ktm-150xcw-2018/6701266168.html
  5. kevvyd

    2017 150 XC-W Review

  6. kevvyd

    2017 150 XC-W Review

  7. kevvyd

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    Last of the 150 parts.....really this time! Send me a PM if below interests you. First two hundred dollars plus shipping gets you a great condition, used GPR v4d kit that will bolt right up to your XC-W. It is this, in Black: https://www.gprstabilizer.com/products/gpr-v4d-dirt-bike-stabilizer-kits/?type=dirt-bikes&make=ktm&model=xcw&years=2016-2017 Used KTM Powerparts skid----U want it, pay the shipping. Still totally good and rideable.
  8. kevvyd

    18 350 EXC-F questions

    I noticed, and I like a plastic skid! THX
  9. kevvyd

    18 350 EXC-F questions

    But who made that Skid?
  10. kevvyd

    2019 350 EXC-F

    Y'all set your (properly calibrated) wheel size yet? NO?.... Used this thread when I bought my 2018, and again when I bought my 2019. Its kind of cool when you know that your speedo is accurate.
  11. kevvyd

    18 350 EXC-F questions

    You would be hard pressed to find a more well designed, higher quality product than those sold by Bullet Proof Designs. They also come backed with an exceptional warranty, and rider support that couldn't get any better. I am in no way affiliated with this brand. Just a very satisfied customer who gets more than his money's worth out of their parts.
  12. '19 350 EXC-F So based on the info from dude's video, and my experience: Seems like the divot is there on all 4t from '16-19
  13. ......California It took me 13 months to get 88 hours on my previous bike, and it only amounted to ~1450 miles!
  14. I pulled mine 2 nights ago...There were some wires/cables in the way for sure. But none so tight that they can't be pushed out of the way as the plug boot is removed. The key thing was getting the plug boot lined up precisely with the divot made in the frame for that reason. I never even noticed the divot as it was hidden behind...well a bunch of wires and cables~~LOL
  15. Thanks for that intel! I really don't think I am going to crack a single OEM gasket until after 100 hours