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  1. Jayblank

    taking rekluse out of 1007 te 450

    I have a Rekluse in my 2012 te310 and it used the OEM friction plates. You can always buy new ones too.
  2. That's more than enough to do it. I've never used more than 40 psi to seat a tire. Try deflating it a little and bouncing it on the floor to help it seat, fully deflate and try again.
  3. Jayblank

    Weird oil color

    Yes, it ran fine. I assume I had compression. The coolant was a problem though. You may have blown a head gasket.
  4. Jayblank

    Weird oil color

    I had a similar issue with my Husky. I was on a day long ride and my clutch started slipping, like it was overheated. I pulled over and checked the oil, it was almost gone. I limped back to the trailer and refilled the crankcase. When I started the bike I noticed oil leaking from the around the oil filter cover seal. It turned out that coolant was in the oil and diluted it enough to seep through the seal. For me it was a blown seal and bearing in the water pump, letting coolant into the crankcase. Once I replaced those parts, everything was fine. Good luck.
  5. Jayblank

    Ktm 85 water in cylinder? Help please

    Sounds like the seals and bearings in your water pump. I just had to rebuild my water pump in the Husqvarna. The parts cost $20 and it was a pretty easy job. You can find videos on Youtube.
  6. Jayblank

    Head Gasket Leak

    Hi CR - I think I had a bad water pump seal and just rebuilt it. It seems fine now. However, just in case, I have a 2012 Husqvarna te310. I think that once I take off the gas tank, it’s probably not too bad.
  7. Jayblank

    Head Gasket Leak

    Thanks all for your feedback. I agree, just not sure how complicated the job is. I know its not cheap if a dealer does it. How difficult is it?
  8. Jayblank

    Husqvarna TE310 2012

    Just bought mine this year. I have grown to like it. It's light, powerful, a little touchy (torquey), and fun to ride. The Rekluse clutch completely changed the bike for the better. The stock clutch was a problem, but now its awesome. Great suspension.
  9. Jayblank

    Head Gasket Leak

    Just wondering if anyone has tried a radiator gasket seal like K-Seal to help with a head gasket leak. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. Jayblank

    Wheels for a 2012 te310

    I am wondering if anyone know if wheels from a 2014 te310 will fit on a 2012?
  11. I had a problem with my bike yesterday and need some insight. I have a 2012 Husky te310 with under 6,000 miles. Mostly used off-road. I've read about all of the clutch issues. Here's what happened. Last Saturday I road all day on trails in 90+ degree humid weather. Bike performed great. I did notice some clutch drag in 1st gear when stopped and difficulty finding neutral unless I blip the throttle. On Tuesday I rode the bike to work on mostly highway. Another warm day, but not as bad. On the way home I was cruising at about 55 mph, which is high revs for this bike, and all of sudden I get a Fail message on the dash and the bike feels a little rough. I slow down and take the next exit. When I pull in the clutch, there is no pressure, it just moves to the grip. However, I can still shift, both up and down but am afraid to stop. Eventually I have to stop and the bike stalls. It won't restart. I push it off the road into a shady area and get of. I hear a weird noise coming from the clutch cover - like gurgling. I let it sit for maybe two minutes and turn on the key. No fail warning and the bike starts right up. Clutch seems fine and I ride home. Today it seems back to normal, but I didn't ride it. What's going on? Just a worn clutch? Over heated? Low hydraulic fluid? The fluid is to the top. I saw no leakage around the clutch cover. Please share your thoughts or ideas. Thanks.
  12. Jayblank

    1993 Suzuki DR350s


    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    DR350 street legal bike. Under 8,000 miles in very good shape. Kick start only. New chain and rear sprocket. After market hand guards, exhaust, turn signals, and luggage rack. K&N air filter. Carb recently cleaned. Comes with extra parts and set of wheels. Easy to start and runs great.


    Shorewood, Wisconsin - US

  13. Jayblank

    Value of 1993 DR350s

    Thanks Plugeye. This is very helpful. I've owned the bike for the past 4 years. I've spent a lot of time fixing it up from the previous owner. I have an extra extra set of wheels too and a lot of other spare parts. It seems that $1500 to $1850 is about right. Thanks.
  14. Jayblank

    Value of 1993 DR350s

    I need a little help. I am selling my 1993 DR350s. It has under 8,000 miles and is in very good shape. Runs well and starts easy. Kick start only. I ride it regularly, on and off road. I just installed a new chain and sprocket. It has aftermarket exhaust, turn signals, luggage rack, hand guards, tool kit, etc. I have an extra set of wheels. I have all of the original parts and some extras. What do you think the value is. I attached a photo. Thanks.