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  1. DeanMYZ250F

    What do you use for washing

    I personally use SprayNine. Works excellently Canadian Tire sells it for about $8 a bottle.
  2. Would I be required to have my bike plated to ride these trails?
  3. I have been looking and asking around about sand pits in Eastern Ontario and the only area I know of is in Hawkesbury. Does anybody know of any other sand pits or sand tracks? The reason I'm asking is because I race FMSQ and I'm being slaughtered due to my lack of sand experience.
  4. I recently had a nasty crash while racing a hare scramble and I need to replace my helmet (Bell SX-1). It seemed to be the only helmet to fit my square shaped head and it appears Bell has discontinued that line. Any suggestions on a new helmet? Forewarning, Shift, Fox, and EVS helmets don't fit me. Was hoping you guys and gals could help me out on this one. Thanks
  5. I have a bad leak on my left side radiator (not cap side) and I need to know if radiators off of a different bike would fit mine. $435 CAD is a little too much for me to pay for an OEM radiator so I'd like to see what my other options are. Other suggestions would be helpful, aftermarket brand-wise.
  6. DeanMYZ250F

    2006 YZ250F dies when given throttle

    I personally recommend practically any Michelin tire, they last a long time and the knobs are 1/8 of an inch taller than Dunlop's, so more traction and more wear time. Maxxis is also worth a look, wears like iron.
  7. DeanMYZ250F

    Engine rebuild on 06 YZ250F

    88 hours on the engine, total run time. I purchased it last year because it was barely ridden.
  8. I own a 2006 YZ250F and currently it has 88 hours on the motor (total), so I`m going to tear it down. About 80% of those hours were logged in the woods. I change the oil and clean the air filter every 6 hours. I typically don`t rev my bike out as I`m only 130 lbs. My question is should I replace the crankshaft? I`m not really sure if it is necessary, but I would like a second (or tenth) opinion. Thanks
  9. How has the MSR o ring chain held up for you?
  10. DeanMYZ250F

    2006 YZ250F dies when given throttle

    I also have the stock exhaust on my bike and I don't think changing the exhaust will help or hinder your problem
  11. DeanMYZ250F

    2006 YZ250F dies when given throttle

    I have the exact same bike as you (06 YZ250F) and it has the same problem. I turned up the idle a bit and it seemed to help the problem. I haven't completely solved the issue but when I am riding/racing I never notice it. Just blip the throttle and if it bogs, turn up the idle a touch and repeat until you can bear it. Just a quick fix that worked for me