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  1. ponderingjunkman

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    We have a camp in northern NY, which borders an atv club. She will come riding with me on occasion, but prefers to kick back in the camper, make tasty food, and have the beer cold and ready when I return. I'm completely Ok with that!
  2. ponderingjunkman

    The Best Dirt Bike You Have Ridden

    There were few bikes as fun as my KX500. Because, it was a KX500! Tho the XR650R is a loyal companion too.
  3. ponderingjunkman

    Suzuki DS250

    Finally found a DS250! My cousin had one years ago, back when I was riding a worn out KE100, and it felt like the fastest thing ever! I had been watching off and on for one, and when this one came up, of course I had no disposable income! Watched it for a month on Craigslist, then things fell into place to pay for it. It sleeps in the leanto for now till the weather breaks. Can't wait to relive some memories soon!
  4. ponderingjunkman

    First bike stories

    Spotted a weird looking bike in the woods near a neighbors house. It had no compression. Worked up the courage to go ask the woman about it - I was 12 at the time - and she said "take it!" Woohoo! Pushed it off the center stand and pushed it home. A honda MB5. pulled the head, a hole in the tiny piston- 50cc. Ordered a new piston and rings from the local friendly honda dealer, and put it together. A pretty lousy off road bike, street tires and all, but it taught me alot about traction, and use of what little power it had as I struggled to keep up with my friend's Kawasaki KD80! Wore it out in a year's time, then went to a KE100, XR250, KX500, XR650R... Still have the worn out little piston.
  5. ponderingjunkman

    Any IT-465 owners here?

    Ha! Guess I spelled it wrong! This has been a great bike, really. My friend found it in very new condition, and there were a couple issues at first. It broke Kickstart return springs, until the kicker shaftsbury hole that the spring goes in was radiused a bit. (Spelled wrong?) Also, the float valve in the carb was bad, but a "Grouse jet"- a ball bearing type float valve cured the overflowing and consequent bottom end filling with gas. Really no issues after that!
  6. ponderingjunkman

    Any IT-465 owners here?

    This is on the resto list. Stock bore, worn wiseco piston, was my best friends bike. He always laughed when my KX500 fowled spark plugs. This thing would unfowl them... weird.