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  1. Hopey

    The TPS adjustment thread

    No it's quite easy to do the TPS on a 17 model did it about 5 times over the weekend. I have a IMS 17ltr tank as well. In Short. Take seat off Tank tank off Loosen front hose clamp on throttle body Loosen rear hose clamp on throttle body Loosen the bottom bolt on the frame to the engine mount You can now twist the throttle body a little so the top TPS cover screw can be seen through the bolt hole you just removed Remove TPS cover Connect TPS tool Adjust to desired setting - tighten check setting again as it moves Straighten throttle body Tighten clamps Replace engine/frame bolt you might have to loosen the other two first Leave TPS cover off until your find a happy setting Replace tank and seat Test Now to adjust I just remove seat, tank, twist throttle body after loosening clamps Tighten clamps after straightening tank seat on Test again Once happy go back and put the TPS cover on Had it down to 15-20 minutes to adjust. By the way can't notice any difference between .60 & .66 so is it better to set at .60 ? What's likely if I leave it at .66? Thanks Team Hopey Sorry I meant remove the bottom bolt so you can put the screw driver through.
  2. Hopey

    The TPS adjustment thread

    All good reconnected everything and light went out. Currently at .66 and still getting flame out on real slow balancing work ( again could be my bad clutch control - Rekluse time maybe) Has anyone gone above .66 for a MY17, 500 with au(eu) map and a Ackro. What have others found once they start getting too high a reading. Everything else still feels fine, starts easy, pulls like a train. Thank you. Hopey
  3. Hopey

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Yeah was about to go back down stock .54 and reseat everything to test Thanks Hopey
  4. Hopey

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Ok, dumb question ( kicking myself actually) Is the EFI light always on, it's not flashing at all. Only talks about it flashing in the manual. I've been adjusting the TPS and currently at .62 from .52 Still stalls as I jump my training logs. Hard to tell if I feel any difference yet as it's not constantly doing it and I feel it's my riding ability. Bike is a 17, 500 excf with AU map and a Ackro exhaust. Thanks in advance Hopey
  5. Hopey

    KTM 500 EXC (2015)


    The Beast
  6. Hopey

    KTM 500 EXC 2015

    The Beast
  7. Hopey

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Ordered mine, waiting on a new injector, doing all the fuel filters at the same time, have a Ackro Slip on, hoping it doesn't take too long to get to Australia Anyone seen a clip on getting the throttle body out to change the injector? Thanks Hopey