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  1. ride_red

    Anyone remember these places near Oscoda, Mi.

    It's up the road from a Dam.
  2. ride_red

    ORV sticker increase and new riding areas?

    "boosting opportunities for education contacts---- through trail patrols."
  3. ride_red

    Planning a trip up north , looking for ideas

    Emmet county was the issue----good to go now: http://www.emmetcounty.org/uploads/126278809009-02-ORV.pdf http://www.emmetcounty.org/uploads/ORVRoadMap.pdf http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/954227-tomahawk-a-loop-conditions/ However a working headlight and taillight are required for the road section now.
  4. ride_red

    Planning a trip up north , looking for ideas

    X2 B & C are excellent: http://vvmapping.com/trails/tomahawk.html
  5. ride_red

    ORV trail permit increase

  6. ride_red

    Best place to ride in the UP?

    Yeah but the pictures are better in the cabin bathroom at Gwinn.
  7. ride_red

    Place to stay near Walton MI

    A few years back we had a club ride in the area. Some of our riders stayed at Fife Lakeside Resort & Party Store---- phone # here and also some other places to stay: http://www.fifelake.com/chamber/dining.htm Edit: We've also stayed at Ranch Rudolf too--camping and lodging: http://www.ranchrudolf.com/activities_motel_rooms.php
  8. I gave my dad my old Magellan 315 to use in his car for the same exact reason. They can be picked up cheap used and there is a power cord available. On one of the screens I set up four fields to show speed. Actually it's very readable:
  9. ride_red

    Stupidest Injury Ever

    I like the one told by Rick Sieman. He had a bike tied down in the back of his van. Bent over the handlebars and undid the tiedowns. Pinned his head up against the van roof.
  10. ride_red

    Michigan UP ride report

    Once you join you'll be able to access what's needed for your ride. Have a good trip Mike.
  11. ride_red

    Michigan UP ride report

    They're all good Mike. C loop has the most water crossings----all with a good base and not super deep.
  12. Yes, and it was fantastic: http://www.gldsmc.org/11Gwinn.html
  13. 2-1/4" cash register rolls work great. Here's a nice write up on route sheets by John B: http://www.gldsmc.org/aboutRouteSheet3.html