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  1. brutis1984

    Transporting extra gas

    I always just eat a couple cans of red beans the night before that way I am full of gas the entire day!
  2. brutis1984

    Question about suspension problem

    I assume your comp is out all the way from your description. That will aid in the front washing out you need some comp damping to have control of the bike. As well the rebound cranked all the way in will cause problems with handling and control especially with no compression damping. Tune clickers to middle settings and adjust 1 or two clicks each way after testing. The same applies to the shock settings, front and back settings should create a balanced ride characteristic.
  3. brutis1984

    sub tanks?

    I sent my susp to the top rate kayaba gurus in cali several years ago and after three returns for adjustments because of stiff unsatisfactory fork response they sold me a set of subtanks and said they were the fix all. They told me that the valve adjustment on the sub tanks was to be wide open for my type of riding (gnarly arkansas woods). That is where they have always been set and only after I studied fork setups and experimented with oil level, shim stack and spring rates was I able to find something that I considered plush yet responsive. They are still on the bike but I feel I had to readjust the forks to fit the tanks. I feel I was somewhat taken to the perverbial cleaners - save your money and experiment with different setups and riding speeds. I ride my new 09ktm 300 xcw exclusively now with stock forks and minor adjustments to oil level and springs and it feels as good, actually better than my several thousand dollar lesson in kayaba management.
  4. brutis1984

    Bad Feedback on Corners

    If the front end is washing out in corners then from my experience you need to add compression damping.
  5. brutis1984

    pinning it in mud?

    Very true, we call that whiskey throttle round here.
  6. brutis1984

    Offroad grips

    A friend recomended the rally's so I bought a pair and installed the night before a race. I don't know what it was but I had the worst arm pump and cramping I have ever had. I had to stop every few miles because I could not use my fingers anymore to clutch and brake. I have large hands and they do feel quite comfortable at first but man that few milimeters oversize really makes a difference. I usually do not get much arm pump with the dual compound pro grips.
  7. brutis1984

    18 year old's review on the MT43 trials tire

    I have found that the pirelli TT has fairly good mud traction with steady throttle control and being in a higher gear. We recently had a mud race and I found it pulled quite well through peg deep quicksand type mud where knobby guys were dragging their bikes out. The only mud that it really seems to hate is the hard base with 1" or so wet clay on top, the slimy stuff - then it's like riding on ice.
  8. brutis1984

    Arkansas - plating a dirt bike

    I believe it is really easy to plate a bike here in AR. There is a lot of dual sport guys here that rig up all types of bikes for road use and get plated. You need the basics, front light, rear light with active brake light, and DOT rated tires, I think thats it. I am pretty sure you can still use the old fashioned hand signals for turning. I have seen some fairly crude bikes with plates on them here. Call your local small town DOT office and ask what the requirements are. Good luck.
  9. brutis1984

    Looking for hare scramble trail in NW Florida

    Thanks a bunch for the replies. We might take you up on your offer with your group ride FLMX909, that sounds like our type of fun and exactly what we are looking for. Speaking for myself I am sure the teenagers can easily run off from me as well, I certainly am no teenager any more. We have hosted rides up here for folks from out of state and it would be nice to have you guys show us around some new terrain. I will contact you a little closer to our trip date and try to set something up. It really sucks to have riding area stripped from you since the single track riders are more conservationists and respect the land as opposed to a few that set out to destroy as much as possible. We have had entire forests banned from off road vehicles here. There is much effort here to work with the forestry service to help maintain what we have left and to show them that we are not the enemy. Thanks again.
  10. A friend of mine, myself and our ol' ladies will be beach combing for a couple weeks between Destin and Panama City in late October early November. We would like to bring the dirt buckets along and try out some of what NW Florida has to offer. We are looking for the gnarliest most technical trails possible not the father son rides but stuff to remember and bring stories back home with us. I have searched the threads and read of several riding areas in NW FL but I can't find any sites showing maps, directions or websites of riding areas. Can anyone point me in the right direction of trails in a radius around the Defuniak area? Thank you very much! I found the W2R section which does indicate some MX tracks in the area but no info on good trails.
  11. brutis1984

    break in?

    The engine builders that make the ice cube kit gave break in instructions. They recommended treating it like a baby and simply going through three idle till warm and cool downs (with a fan on the rads). Then to ride gently taking great care not to over rev or lug hard for a period then cool down, this occurs two or three times, then the bike is ready to be ridden at race pace. They recommend the first oil change after the first tank of gas. Special note to never rev the bike until warm it is very hard on all moving parts. The metal needs to warm and expand as well the oil needs to be warm to insure proper flow.
  12. brutis1984

    Off Camber Riding Peg Weighting

    I used to believe the outside peg was best on off camber. I have learned the hard way and in seminars tought by pros that is the absolute last thing you want to do. If all your weight is on the outside peg and you lose balance you are going to fall down the hill, it's a long way to the ground low side with possibility for injury increased. Also it is difficult to bench press the entire weight of the bike from angled down hill to upright, that will sap your energy causing you to be tired and likely loose balance again. You should keep your weight centered over the bike, maybe even slightly more to the inside, that way if you loose balance you fall into the hill and can upright easily even with just an elbow sometimes depending on the steepness of the hill. If you keep your weight centered over the bike and use throttle control you will fare much better. Always keep weight centered over the bike.
  13. brutis1984

    Which Piston?

    The step up to a racing piston will require you to replace it from 15 to 25 hours depending on riding style. The oem piston is made for the long haul.
  14. brutis1984

    What brand of oil ?

    I recently installed an ice cube 315 stroker kit on my wr250. Through the life of the motor I have used amsoil 10/40 and 20/50 with very regular changes. I have always kept the valves clean and adjusted as well the cam chain. Come to find out the original crank was scored and etched, unusable and dangerously close to gernading (you are unaware of this riding it). The engine builders at the shop which produces the ice cube kit specifically did not recommend using a syn oil for various reasons. The syn is not as good at removing heat from the parts. The syn will benefit the top end but not the low end, dino will benefit the low end and not the top end. I must say that the top end is much cheaper and easier to replace if necessary, cranks are expensive especially forged balanced ones. Another thing I noticed is the clutch is tremendously better using the dino oil. I did not realize the clutch was "slipping" but it is quite evident the difference the dino oil makes. The best oil tested by the engine builders was kendall gt-1 which is a blend. Not debating with anyone the use of oils, but simply a passing of information.
  15. brutis1984

    Hot cam stage 1 question

    You should get a yz cam or a stage II cam. The stage I cam will kill your top end power.