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  1. pjmule

    valve shim size 7.48 on RMZ 250?

    valve shim size 7.48 on RMZ 250 I have a friend with suzuki 250 f that needs valves adj. Are they 7.48 like my 250 honda?
  2. pjmule

    I Cannot Get My Cam In!

    Are you sliding the bearing out towards the sprocket so it drops down all the way when you put the chain on? If so,mabey the chain is hung up on the crank sprocket.Make sure it turns free before you slide the cam in.
  3. pjmule

    shift shaft install

    I changed the shift shaft last night and it seems to have fixed it. I change the oil every time I change the engine oil, about every third race weekend. The shaft must have been tweeked a little from when the shifter was bent. It shifts smooth and easy now. But thanks for your input .
  4. pjmule

    Run's too Lean After Top End Job

    check the hot start or the o-ring on the fuel screw?
  5. pjmule

    shift shaft install

    Bent the shifter a couple of weeks ago, relaced the shifter, but now it doesn't want to shift into second gear from neutral (like when your on the line). I think the shift shaft could be bent, but was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found it to be something else.
  6. pjmule

    bike is backfiring and dies when I let off the gas...

    could your hot start be sticking?
  7. pjmule

    Idling problem

    have you checked the O-ring on your fuel screw?
  8. pjmule

    2006 crf250r jetting -plz help-

    Could your hot start be sticking open?
  9. pjmule

    Chnge piston on 250 crf

    Try this , I used it on my 05 and it was very helpful. http://www.dirtrider.com/tech/141_0409_honda_crf250_dirtbike_rebuild/
  10. Thanks for the input everyone, I guess I better buy a service manual and check it out.
  11. Got a 05 250f that we changed the oil about five hours of riding ago. checked it yesterday and it was way low. Any ideas? no leaks or smoking that I can see.
  12. Hey guys.. I'm looking to put the YZ80 suspension on my TTR... The link that was given that has the kit for that was not working.. can anyone help me out?
  13. pjmule

    How do you shave your seat?

    I used an electric knife on my daughters 250f, only took about a half an inch off then smoothed it with sand paper. the cover went back on fine and it helped her have more control when holding the bike up.
  14. pjmule

    lowering seat height

    I'll check that too! thanks
  15. pjmule

    lowering seat height

    Thanks for the tips on cutting the pad down,I think I'll give it a try, and look at the sub frame mount too.