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  1. my kids 125l won't idle - wants to stall out - I completely took off the carb, cleaned the jets - put new fuel in the bike, new plug Starts fine with the choke "on" - regardless of how warmed up the motor is - it won't idle - wants to stall - if I adjust the choke to about 1/4 open - then it won't stall - runs as if it's ok - would this be my air cleaner - maybe it's not getting enough air ? fyi - it's not the idle screw - regardless of how many turns out, it does not see to do much to the idle... anyway - just so I'm straight - how many turns out should the idle screw be ?
  2. alandchris

    lookin to do a trail ride in pa with my family

    tower city changed their rules just recently - prob about 2 weeks ago - but feel free to call.
  3. alandchris

    lookin to do a trail ride in pa with my family

    you cannot ride Tower City unless you are a member - or you are a accompanied as a guest of an active member - and if a guest - the requirement says only UP to 3 guests per paying member - and you need to have a notarized waiver form filled out BEFORE you get there. Check there website to validate what I am saying. I heard of a bunch of people that went up recently and were turned away. !
  4. alandchris

    Anyone close to YORK, PA

    regarding tower city - i heard the day passes are no longer available - must be a member to ride. Call them to be sure
  5. alandchris

    Went Back to Red Plastics!

    looks nice - where do you get the graphics ?
  6. alandchris

    yz: 250FT vs 250FV

    I have 2 manuals - one for an '05 YZ 250 FT the other '05 YZ 250 FV - what is the difference in the bikes between the "T" and "V" ???
  7. alandchris

    New Jersey Big 3 Cross Country Championship!

    in your opinion - how safe is this for a 44 year old dad (no problems with riding at all - much experience) but with a 16 year old - who for the most part can ride well - but never raced and same for a 10 year old - rides well - but never raced. Leave the youngin's at home ?
  8. I think he meant "blinG, blinG"
  9. alandchris

    Seat Height...

    A few days ago I picked up a 2005 YZ250F - I'm told it was sitting in his garage for about a year or so - and it looks so brand new I believe it. Hope this isn't a dumb question - probably is - but the seat height on the specs is 39.2 inches - this bike measured about 37.75 inches - is it an adjustment on the rear spring that makes the diff - or maybe just from sitting on the tire (no stand) for a long time - thx.
  10. Actually - The dealer by me didn't have any jets - So I called another that was pretty far away - they had a jetting kit (FMF) - it was for a 2003 DRZ400 Offroad - exactly the same as my KLX400 offroad. The kits says to take the snorkel out - use the needle that came with the kit - clip on #5, Main jet of 140 and 1 turn out on the fuel screw - That's what I did - and the bike seems to be fine - I'll have to play with the idle a little more - but no bogging, crisp throttle response - I just wonder if the snorkel out is going to lean. But to be honest - I'm not sure why the original thought of using a 160 main, 48 pilot and 2 1/2 turns IS SO DIFFERENT from the kit's 140 main, stock 45 pilot and 1 turn ---- ????? What do you think Eddie - ps - thx for the help - really appreciate it.
  11. Eddie and others. I pulled the carb off the bike - cleaned everything up - see that the carb has the number 29f4 on the side - indicating stock main jet of 142 and a stock pilot of 45 ... and those are correctly in the carb. I'm at maybe 200 - 500 feet above sea lever - 2003 drz400E (KLX400R) - offroad with a K/N filter and a Big Gun Race Series exhaust. I'm going to change to a Main Jet of 160 and a Pilot jet of 48 - clip 5 - 2 1/2 turns on the screw If you feel this is the wrong config (*or correct config*) please let me know. Thx all
  12. Eddie - thx for the response I did put the new plug in - and yes - it fired right up... I bought the bike new - so I'm assuming that it's stock jetting - I'll have to check it all out - and the check the emails on this forum for the correct jet setting for my bike with the big gun exhaust / K&N filter.
  13. I have a 2003 KLX400 offroad - Installed a new header/pipe - BIG GUN - the jetting is all Stock - I did put a K&N filter on it though. When I put the mods on it - I figured I'd be lean on the jetting, but the bike ran pretty good - so I left the jetting alone - I checked the plug after every ride for a few times - it was 'tan' which I thought indicated the plug was firing correctly with proper jetting. After a year - all of a sudden it wouldn't start. I pulled the plug and it was very black - carbon deposits - NOT oily - it was still gapped correctly I'm no expert of course - but I figured that I would see the plug closer to white indicating a lean condition - but nope - It was black - Is it possible that the plug was just old and could not fire correctly - therefore not burning the fuel and therefore turn black ? Or is my jetting incorrect ? Thx for any advice.
  14. alandchris

    2006 Yz250f

    Was there really a recall on the valves for this bike - does the original owner need to get it fixed - or will the factory honor it if a second owner brought the bike in is there some way to find out any/all recall information on this bike thx
  15. I'm searching for a good used YZ250F - I'm not that concerned on the $ - since obviously the difference in years make the cost different - but based on the following choices - what would you choose, and why... Experienced trail rider, 15 year old - needing to upgrade from a 125 four stroke. All of the following are in good shape - they all have a mod or two - basically what is good/bad per year bike. Thanks guys for your opinions... 1) 2001 YZ250F - $1200 - needs plastics, just did top end and suspension recently 2) 2004 YZ250F - $2200 - totally stock except new bars low to medium hours on the bike 3) 2006 YZ250F - $2800 - new brakes, better clutch, needs plastics, suspension done - looks like it was ridden hard (tires have about 70% thread left) - and the bike was 'hard' to start (maybe time to check the valves?)