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  1. JoeRC51

    Oil drain bolt broke 250L

    Crush washers don't break bolts , people do.
  2. JoeRC51

    Oil drain bolt broke 250L

    Neither have I using the same crush washers over for years , both copper and aluminum. If a crush washer has a rough surface from the bolt or what it is screwed into , sure , it'll leak , not because it's been used before. There is no need what so ever to tighten the bolt tighter every time. If I replace brake lines , sure I use the new washers they come with , if I'm just taking off a line , I reuse the washer , no leaks EVER. I don't care about your 30 cent reasoning , hell they're less than that any way , but it's simply not normally needed. I've got two bikes I bought new in '04 , guess what , all three of their drain plugs STILL have the original washers. You've got to mangle them somehow for them to leak. Somebody got over enthusiastic with a wrench the OP's drain plug , THAT's why it broke , it had absolutely nothing to do with a crush washer.
  3. JoeRC51

    best tires xr650l

    You really should.
  4. JoeRC51

    XL500s exhaust question

    Jetting would only change if flow changes. Dime City Cycles has quite a few pipes like you're looking for.
  5. JoeRC51

    Takewaga dealers ?

    I've used Web Bike Japan with no problems.
  6. JoeRC51

    Crooked Handle Bars

    I'm waiting to hear how his forks slid up in the clamps when he bounced them with all of the bolts loose.
  7. JoeRC51

    85 xr600r crank into a 87 xr600r crankcase

    Shorter stroke , but they rev quicker.
  8. JoeRC51

    85 xr600r crank into a 87 xr600r crankcase

    Yes or even XL600R.
  9. JoeRC51

    Total Newb... hand guard issue.

    Some guys just couldn't fix a sandwich.
  10. JoeRC51

    Lowering a motorcycle the "right way"?

    And if they're smart , notes.
  11. JoeRC51

    Total Newb... hand guard issue.

    The crush washers will be absolutely fine. A trick to not allowing air in is to remove the top from the reservoir , gravity will cause very slight flow , enough to keep air out. I do this changing brake lines and barely have to bleed.
  12. JoeRC51

    2004 XR400 Front Fender Scratches

    Polisport's got the nicest fenders you'll see.
  13. JoeRC51

    Identifying a part 96 xr600r

    When the piton goes down , air with oil vapor comes out the breather , the oil separator removes the oil , when the piston goes up , the breather sucks in the oil along with air and the cycle repeats , basically.
  14. JoeRC51

    Identifying a part 96 xr600r

    There's a breather on the top of the crankcase , in the middle towards the back , just like the 650L , on the Baja bikes they had the oil separator coming out of the stator cover. The oil separator is beneficial for keeping the oil in the motor. Every time the piston goes up and down , the volume of air going in and out of the breather is approximately equal to the displacement of the motor and that air contains oil vapor. Also the easier that air can go in and out , the less horsepower it takes to pump that air in and out. Notice the larger hose verses the stock breather on the Baja type.