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    Anyone have a KTM 2016 350 EXC-F rear light? Thanks. Jeremy


    MENDHAM, New Jersey - US

  2. JeremyCondie

    2016 350 EXC-F wiring diagram

    Appreciated. Thanks.
  3. JeremyCondie

    Is this Sprocket OK?

    I change the front sprocket twice a year. Very few teeth per revolution so it gets a hard life. I change chain and rear sprocket every other year.
  4. JeremyCondie

    Anyone have a spare spoke for 350 EXCF rear?

    Thanks. Just bought a couple from Hanover. I realized the threaded end has sheared off the broken spoke(!)
  5. JeremyCondie

    Anyone have a spare spoke for 350 EXCF rear?

    Aha. Called Hanover and they sell them one at a time. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys Finished Beehive enduro yesterday and found this rear spoke(!) hanging in the hub for dear life. No idea how that happened. So need to replace one spoke on 2016 350 EXCF. Anyone know where I can find one please? Thanks.
  7. JeremyCondie

    Clake Clutch

    That Clake lever looks like it provides plenty of leverage. My 2016 KTM 350 EXCF has a Clake Two, Rekluse CX and (about to be delivered) Mako 360 handlebar isolation mount, and Scott (over the bar). The Clake fitted perfectly (I kept the rear foot brake lever option) and bars turn side to side. I'm 56 and love the Clake but all that finger action was a proving a bit too much, so on with the Rekluse. I thought I would hate it, but it's actually a great bit of kit. Then I blew a disc in my neck being overly aggressive in the NJ whoops. So Mako 360 is on its way from Slavens. Morale in this story.... (a) Dirt biking is not for poor people (i've lost track of the excuses I've told the wife as to why another box has arrived from UPS), (b) if you have no skill, simply bolt on an widget (scott, rekulse, clake, stegspegs....) Keep ridiing :-)
  8. JeremyCondie

    Did anyone pick up a Klim jersey at Sunday's RORR enduro?

    lol. Those trails are something else. Appreciate you looking.
  9. JeremyCondie

    Did anyone pick up a Klim jersey at Sunday's RORR enduro?

    Thanks mate. I appreciate you remembering. I have my fingers crossed.
  10. JeremyCondie

    F7 emulsion tube

    Hi Guys I was able to push the tube up and out of the bowl (up and through the slide hole). Cleaned up nicely. Also replaced the small o-ring where the (unusually placed) main jet meshes with the lower part of emulsion tube. Bike seems to run much cleaner but still to test. Appreciate the input.
  11. Hi Guys I rode Sunday's RORR enduro and had to take off my black Klim "Tactical Pro" Jersey half way through the first stage. It must have fallen out of my backpack. Would really appreciate getting it back if anyone found it. Will pay the mailing costs. Thanks. Jeremy
  12. JeremyCondie

    F7 emulsion tube

    Thanks for the comments guys. Steamboat: I would normally do as you suggest but this carbs main jet doesn't screw into the emulsion tube. It's (part #31)above. So pushing the tube up is tricky because of that delicate half circle lip you can see at the lower end. BTW: The only reason I'm wanting to do this is because I have just lightly restored the bike and it runs great except on wide open throttle. It doesn't have an air filter at the moment, but usually a little choke helps offset the lean air/fuel flow. Choke makes no difference. Bike still stumbles. I'm of the mind it must be the main jet, but any other suggestions are appreciated.
  13. JeremyCondie

    F7 emulsion tube

    Helpful. Thanks. The lower picture shows the float bowl end I believe and that has a raised lip/flange. Suggests I should push the emulsion tube down and into the float bowl, the opposite of what I was expecting. I'll give that a try.
  14. JeremyCondie

    F7 emulsion tube

    Hmm. They look so similar but I think it's the second one. So how do I remove part 11? I have Mikuni carbs on my 2-stroke road bikes and I'm used to pushing the emulsion tube up and out i.e. take off float bowl and just push. But this one seems stuck. I've hesitated pushing too hard in case I damage it. The carb has been soaked in carb cleaner. Any suggestions?
  15. JeremyCondie

    F7 emulsion tube

    A mate gave me a Kawasaki (dual sport) 1970's "barn find" F7. Among many things, the carb was filthy. It's a Mikuni but feeds a disc valve so mounted on the right hand side. I cannot work out how to remove and clean the emulsion tube. Is it a press fit (i.e push hard and it'll pop out) or is it screwed in? Advice is appreciated.