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  1. ktm300

    KYB SSS Forks on Beta 300RR

    Sorry Charlie' that thing is long gone.
  2. ktm300

    KYB swap specific how to info-PICS-

    I had a few sets of different year KYB's in the shop, one newer yz450 I used the uppers that fit the Beta clamps perfect and older lowers with the correct offset, you also need to switch the inner rod (it's shorter). So if you have access to a beat set of newer KYB's you can rob the parts to make them slide in without machining. https://www.hyderacing.net/index.php?_route_=dirt-bike/beta-dirt-bike/beta-wheel-spacer
  3. ktm300

    KYB SSS Forks on Beta 300RR

    Laying on the bench side by side the appeared the same, that demension is hard to tell when it's only 2 mm.
  4. ktm300

    KYB SSS Forks on Beta 300RR

    FYI, the new spring forks on the 17' and up Honda's are just as good as the KYB's "AND" they will slide right in your stock Beta clamps, same length also. Also, agree with Kato', for anything short of desert racing the 18' OC forks are good, we'll see what they look like after ice endurance racing, 70 mph with a 50 lbs tire yanking them around.
  5. ktm300

    250/300rr tuning options

    I'm running all stock except for PC pipe and Scalvini short muffler, the PC pipe and shorter muffler seem to broaden the mid range with out diminishing power anywhere else, but this is a 250. I do have a STIC sitting on the bench to try but the 250 runs great, I am going to try it on the 125rr after I try a couple aftermarket pipes in search of better mid pull.
  6. ktm300

    Help, '18 FE501 Lost Clutch Pressure

    Guys, Beta is have the same issues, and they make there own slaves. I just swap them to Rekluse slaves when I get new bikes and put the stock one one to sell again, keep the stocker in your spares kit just in case, or for a buddy that thinks his won't fail.
  7. ktm300

    Kenda Harescramble Rear Tire

    The Millville is the worst tire they make, I recommend it to any one racing in my class. The Southwick rear is a soft terrain sand mud tire with excellent corning knobs, holds up well and contiues to get good traction after the knobs are rounded. The Washougal and Southwick fronts visually are identical, and they seem to perform the same, I buy which ever costs less at the time. Washougal rear lean a little more toward harder terrain, if your riding out west this may work well but in the upper midwest the Southwick shines. The Ibex has really soft sticky knobs, excellent in wet rock, roots, it's the go to tire for guys in those extreme/hard enduros, you could burn that tire up in one race, but it WILL get you up the hills and to the finish, the spare race wheel I take to the races always has an Ibex on it.
  8. ktm300

    Kenda Harescramble Rear Tire

    Southwick would be awesome in those conditions.
  9. I have a newer used set of plastic with decals, and a 16' 250rr I'm cleaning up to sell, would just make it look a little newer. Don't think there's any advantage, no number plates if that matters.
  10. The large cupped gasket for the cover on my clutch slave keeps swelling after the bike sits, once it comes out there no going back in, this has happened twice now. Always have used Motul 4.1 brake fluid in the brakes and clutch, and the brake side never dose it. I have since switched to Maxima 4.0. Can't determine if I'm getting a gasket for hydraulic fluid or if there's even a difference, has anyone else experienced this .
  11. Looks like you could do some trimming, cutting and bending, but it would be tough to get the left side to integrate and seal the air box. Thanks guys.
  12. Putting the 18-19' plastic on a 16' 250rr, all bolts up except rear fender appears to need the air box inner fender, has anyone else done this, will there be any other issues maybe with the sub frame ?
  13. ktm300

    Used Beta buying advice needed

    I had a 14' 450rr, and a 15' 250rr at the same time. The 450 is a great bike, I just didn't ride it enough to justify, when I had to pick a weapon for the day, the 250 usually got the nod. The 450rr feels slow when riding or racing but the results proved otherwise.
  14. ktm300

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Flogged her for three hours in the Iron man class.
  15. ktm300

    Beta headlights

    I have the 100w Trailtech in my 16' that I'm going to try and move over to the 18' this weekend. They only show it fitting 16-17' though.