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  1. vet86

    Current Rampart conditions?

    Lots of dust yesterday.
  2. vet86

    Yz250x power compared to XCW250

    Before adding a FWW to the X, try the Lectron first. It will take away most of the hit with the added benefits of fuel economy and easier "jetting".
  3. vet86

    Lectron carb on a yz250x?

    I had the Lectron on my 2016 X for one hour, about two months ago. My bike already had great jetting(4500- 9500'). I was after improved fuel economy. The Lectron removed all of my X's "hit". It made it very linear and sewing machine like. To each his own, but I missed the punch of the X. I rode my 8 mile hare scramble course and was a gear lower in most places on the course, even after some metering rod adjustments. I am a senior level b rider. The Lectron definitely made the bike easier to ride, but with no excitement.
  4. vet86

    Yamalink yz250x lowering 1.25”

    Lowering links will change the handling and ground clearance of the bike for the worse. Cutting the seat foam should be your first option.
  5. vet86

    YZ 250x Midrange

    Install the Lectron. It will remove all of the "hit".
  6. vet86

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

    I have a brand new Lectron 38 Shorty for sale with throttle cable and adjustment tool. Purchased in Dec installed last week. Not for me. I purchased from Lectron. Make me an offer. Has a "5" metering rod as spec'd by Lectron for 4000' to 10,000. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  7. vet86

    Places like Rampart?

    717 Trail System out of Woodland Park has great camping spots. Trails are similiar to Rampart with less use.
  8. vet86

    Buying House/Land for Moto in PNW

    Brown's camp crash would yield nothing for the health insurance company. The insurance companies are sharks looking for any deeper pocket. Home owner's policy blinks first and they settle because it is cheaper to negotiate than it is to litigate. It happened to an aquaintance of ours. We then kept our track just for family.
  9. vet86

    Buying House/Land for Moto in PNW

    We had our own home track(50 + acres) for several years in Newberg. It was awesome. Seven miles of grand prix type ground. We have since moved to Colorado. Be very careful about letting others (outside your immediate family) ride there. You can have your riding friends sign all of the release waivers you want, but those waivers do not release you from any liability. If someone is injured while riding on your property here is what happens. The injured friend will use their own health insurance to fix themselves up. Everyone goes along on their way. Your injured friend is fixed and he has no intention of bringing a suit against you, but his health insurance company will. The health insurance company will conduct an investigation as to the nature of the mishap. The health insurance company will claim your "track" is an attractive nuisance without proper safe guards. Your buddy's health insurance company will file a claim with your homeowner's policy. They settle on a monetary amount and you will not get homeowner's insurance until your track is gone. Expect a large rate increase also. The world is not a fun place. If costs are incurred someone will be made to pay. Be very careful about a home track. I hope this helps. Keith
  10. Has anyone ridden these small bores at 11,000' plus elevation? We maybe relocating to Colorado, all the good stuff starts @ 11,000' and goes to 14,000'. Most tell me it is harder to get the jetting "just right" on the small bores. Does two fifty cc's and up provide more of a comfort zone when the air gets thin? Keith
  11. vet86

    Denver to Northwest bike transport

    Scott, I am headed to Colorado Springs next week. I could pick it up and bring it back no charge. Let me know. Keith
  12. vet86

    Peewee 50 hard to start cold

    Make sure your choke cable is actually working the flap in the carb. We had one where the choke lever on the handlebar would move up and down but was not actuating the carb flap. Replaced the choke cable and were good to go.
  13. We have been doing alot of research on that area as we might be moving to Bozeman. Keep in mind we have never ridden any of the trails there; but go to the Gallatin National Forest web site for a good list of legal trails. Keith
  14. vet86

    Bozeman Area Trail Riding

    Thanks Mikea. Yeah Missoula is out, way too many tree huggers. I know about Pipestone. Bozeman would be the place because my wife likes it the best and as long as there is some riding close I am good with that. We would prefer not to have to make the long haul to Pipestone every weekend, and hoped there was some loops around Bozeman. As for work; we are looking at a small business for sale that has several locations in Montana so we could choose one of these spots. Is the Blue Ribbon Coalition working on that recent court ruling that closed some access? Appreciate all your help. Keith
  15. vet86

    Bozeman Area Trail Riding

    Thanks Charles. We ride once a week now as a family and we will base our Bozeman move on available riding. Keep in mind some of the stuff here in Oregon is whooped out quad junk and you have to know where to find the good stuff. I assume it is the same in Bozeman. Our other choices are Butte or Missoula. Any added comments would be greately appreciated. Keith