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  1. BlueSmoke33

    2013. WR450F Fuel level warning light flashing..?

    I did few rides after cleaning sender's connector and no flashing happened again. Probably that was a problem. But still need to change fuel filter or complete pump..
  2. BlueSmoke33

    wr450: how much horsepower?

    2013. model 10 kw in papers (Croatia). Here in Europe they all put some ridiculous kw, in KTMs papers you'll see 4-5 kw. New one here is always restricted/limited, but don't worry, it's easy to unleash it ­čśë
  3. BlueSmoke33

    2013. WR450F Fuel level warning light flashing..?

    I've checked sender and pump today. There was some corrosion on sender connector, hopefully that was a problem. After that gave a contact 20+ times an started it few times, no flashing. I've never filtered fuel. I have also "visually" checked pump pressure, because don't have gauge, but it looks poor, not even close to 43-56 psi. Although I've checked it only on contact, not with engine running as manual says. Filter does have some dark spots where there is a contact between layers, but I haven't disassembled all of it, cause I don't have a spare one. Anyone knows place to buy only filters? I've found only pump and filter kits on ebay.. Here is a photo of filter
  4. Hi everyone. Last few rides on my WR450F fuel level warning light (not check engine light) starts flashing (rapidly). It happens usually few seconds after starting the engine, it stalls and light start flashing. It happens 2-3 times in all day ride. This morning it starts flashing right after I gave contact. I also noticed that fuel pump is making sound, as light flashes, pump in same rhythm trying to start. I didn't start checking the parts on bike but will as soon as I catch some time. Did anyone had the same issue? If yes I believe that info will save me a lot of time, because as I mentioned, it happens 2-3 times in a day, cca 150km. Here is a link how it looks like: https://youtu.be/qJ-xoindwyM
  5. BlueSmoke33

    Yamaha WR450F 2013

  6. BlueSmoke33

    Four Stroke Works Performance Exhaust Header

    Original Yamaha competition kit
  7. BlueSmoke33

    Akrapovic Exhaust Muffler

  8. BlueSmoke33

    Yamaha YZ450F Header

    From ompetition kit
  9. BlueSmoke33

    MotoCell Lithium-Ion Battery

    Skyrich, awesome
  10. BlueSmoke33

    SKF Fork Mud Scraper

  11. BlueSmoke33

    Yamaha WR450F 2014

  12. BlueSmoke33

    Yamaha YZ250 2004