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    I like to flog anything with an ICE. Mechanical sympathy is not my strong point. If it doesn't fit, force it, if it breaks, it needed replaced anyway. All my disposable income goes to gas and tires.

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  1. Yes, make the other poor bastard die for his country. I love Patton's writing.
  2. Battered wife syndrome, no, we asked for it!
  3. Haha, didn't realize I was on the oldster thread. Would've toned that down a bit.
  4. Gitcha summin lak dis
  5. This is why I roll coal with a snapback cocked sideways, bumping terrible profanity out of my truck. They already hate us, let's stick it right in their face and let them feel all that impotent rage cause they're scared little beta man bun &%$#@! boys.
  6. Crazy, I bet you really improve your highway gas mileage, lots of drag reduction there. Nice work. What and how much? I want.
  7. Uh huh. Read my post history if you want a language lesson, see a shrink for your other issue, my time is valuable lol.
  8. Does not live in PNW. my stuff rusts while I'm riding it lol.
  9. Wow, your insecurity isn't even measurable.
  10. I love 230 threads. This is the good stuff.
  11. Yeah. I've had solder crack out, I like butt splices.
  12. Butt splice connectors and a crimping tool, although you can use vise grips gapped correctly as a butt splice crimper.
  13. I decided against the Aprillia, I'm decatting my header, and running a straight through mid to my slip on with a PCV5 to tune it and just ordered some superbike cams to drop in. Should make 120hp in a real light handling little street fighter with great suspension. I love my little Strumpet.
  14. Good deck, did you get the right adapter box to fit your truck correctly? You running an amp or just off the deck?
  15. It doesn't affect the riding lol. You would not believe what I was doing with that thing yesterday. Riding it like a two stroke, keeping it in the heart of the power just flat tracking like crazy. Just missed a couple deer at 75 on gravel. Slowed a bit after that.