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    I like to flog anything with an ICE. Mechanical sympathy is not my strong point. If it doesn't fit, force it, if it breaks, it needed replaced anyway. All my disposable income goes to gas and tires.

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  1. TX300
  2. I like shiny exhausts but the dull ones are ok too.
  3. Prolly, measure how much oil comes out of your gear box. I bet it's low. The site is Partzilla, i always use them for oem stuff. You may not need that collar either, mine was badly worn. I forgot to say, my bike is a 99 so those part numbers might be wrong for you, but the names are the same.
  4. I love that we're keeping the ladyboy balls rolling. Oh, and that one's a definite Tap.
  5. Gotcha, hopefully it's nothing too bad.
  6. Oh good, i was taking that other posters word for it. Good thing you're around! [emoji38]
  7. That was a great post. Funny how that shit happens.
  8. Yes, then you go stroker, or big bore, or both. Gotta pay to play. [emoji6]
  9. It's fun for awhile but the crowd out there is what we call Doon Gunes. Flat billers with tons of cash and no skills. Really for big sand, a built Banshee or 250R is more fun for just gooning around. Riding a dirt bike out there will just get most guys hurt badly, its pretty dangerous if you don't know how to read sand and ride into the prevailing winds etc. The Goons from the valley keep the meat wagon pretty busy all summer.
  10. Or the tire itself losing air out the tread, seen that on worn knobbies. I think he was talking about losing air from the low pressure side?
  11. Since its just a check bolt I'd clean it out with brake clean and finger thread the bolt back in after smearing the bolt threads with jb weld like you would with loctite. Let it cure and see if you can get away with riding it until it needs a rebuild. That sucks.
  12. Dafuq has BBA been lately?
  13. Easy. Pull it out with a pick and tap the new one in with a big socket. I just had to do mine yesterday. I did my shift shaft seal and o ring too while i was messing about in that area. The seal is pretty resistant to coming out so don't be afraid to reef on it a little.
  14. Posting a video here is easiest if you just make a YouTube account and post it there then post a link to the YouTube video here.