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    I like to flog anything with an ICE. Mechanical sympathy is not my strong point. If it doesn't fit, force it, if it breaks, it needed replaced anyway. All my disposable income goes to gas and tires.

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  1. hope so, good luck!
  2. Yeah, no. Knee pads under mx pants. I don't even notice mine.
  3. Dude, its cool if its what you like or whatever but all those lifts you listed are bodybuilder isolation stuff. You need to grab barbell, throw weight on it and do heavy compounds. You'll get hugely better results in less time and far better balance with more engaged stabilizers and posterior chain. Just my 2c Definitely stop leg pressing and hit squats, it sux but squat every time you lift, squat first, squat heavy.
  4. since no one's said it yet, are you squatting and deadlifting?
  5. I don't know who thumbs down stuff that's cool. Dicks i guess.
  6. Any update?
  7. I think he said she's 21 and can't be bossed, right? Yup, went back and looked, she's an adult. He's just tryna hook up the best possible gear for her.
  8. Would take me all day and a lot of kick starting to ride that trail. Was this video before you turned the idle up?
  9. My parents came to one race, it ended up pouring rain and I won but they did not like seeing me come up the front straight at 170mph in the rain. They're not fans of me racing dirt bikes either.
  10. Music, my whole life revolves around music, plus the name has gravitas, a certain solidity. The wheels go round, the vinyl goes round, history goes round, the universe, it's all circular, its cyclic, all good things. It's heavy man. I may be a little permafried.
  11. Brah, brag much? Lol. Is my math wrong or do i have tshirts older than your wife.....Stone Temple Pilots Core tour '92.
  12. You watched Lowel's new show with SJP? Its called "Divorce", hilarious, his best work since "Sideways."
  13. I'm sure you've been but everyone needs to do Seattle in July or August when it sux elsewhere. A Mariners game at Safeco, garlic fries, Pike Market, the Sound Garden at NOAA, Space Needle, Snoqualmie Falls, ferry ride over to Bremerton..... wait scratch that last one lol.
  14. Gaddamit. I won't be home until 5, gonna have to leave early, feel a sniffle coming on. This the last East race, right?
  15. Where do you live that you can plate that, so i can move there. [emoji106]