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    I like to flog anything with an ICE. Mechanical sympathy is not my strong point. If it doesn't fit, force it, if it breaks, it needed replaced anyway. All my disposable income goes to gas and tires.

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  1. Don't allow dirt bikes?! Not even plated? That's stupid.
  2. Why else would people want less jumps? I work a blue collar job, if I break a femur or something I'll be on disability insurance at 66% of my take home and my work will replace me if I'm not cleared in 6 months. If I worked a desk job I wouldn't worry about big double. I'm not afraid to die, im afraid of poverty lol.
  3. Redacted for inappropriate sense of humor
  4. So, what, the quad people's are going SxS and the trails are healing? Great!
  5. 278 is 50 lbs lighter than my drz lol. That would be nice.
  6. In my experience, motorcyclists aren't the ones refusing to share. In fact, we're the only ones who don't care if there's horses, bicycles and hikers on our trails. Quads and SxS are a different story lol.
  7. That's what I'm using. It's expensive, but the monthly bill is like 12$. Totally worth it.
  8. Why is that everyone else's problem? See the disparity? We can't have equal rights to public land based on a very small percentage of people's idiot hayburners temperament.
  9. I like big tables but yeah, more flowing, faster, natural terrain style and I'd be there erry session. I'm 42, gapped out 60 footers are just too risky.
  10. Dude, get one. I had an epic adventure the other day, hitting all that really questionable stuff way out fearlessly because I can get help if I need it. Really expanded the amount of risk I'm willing to take on a dual sport ride. All that goat trail stuff where I'd look at it and be like, nah, no one would ever find me in there, now I just click it down a gear, stand up on the pegs and hit it. Don't wait any longer.
  11. California

    Yamaha blue hand guards make it faster.
  12. Come up to Oregon State, Corvallis has better riding than Kansas. [emoji1]
  13. I take my drz on knobs sport bike hunting on my favorite roads.
  14. Ag science?
  15. Washington

    Geez, circle the wagons.