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  1. HellzyaaBuddy

    Extremely loud coil whine--normal for this bike?

    I have one on my 17
  2. That's a great suggestion given height and interest in a dual sport.
  3. Athletic as in good reflexes or as in triathlete? Fitness is 1,2, and 3 to ride offroad. That said there's plenty of unfit people that can ride a dual sport ok too. What's your experience, do you ride a bicycle well? What areas do you have available to ride? Public land, ohv areas or just messing around on fields or gravel roads? We can help you out, just tell us what you're tryna do. [emoji106]
  4. Yea, that's all good. Ask if he's running the 100ll because the head is cut for high compression, you'l need to know that.
  5. Stop saying bottom end. You rev the piss pt of them and use the clutch to keep them on the pipe. There is no bottom end. If you can't keep it on the pipe, you gear it down until you can. It's really that simple. Now focus on finding the best condition yz125 you can in your price range. FOCUS!
  6. HellzyaaBuddy

    Indecisive on new / used and options.

    They're fine for cruising around on, my fatass talentless buddy plonks around all over the place on his. He also piles miles on it commuting to work. They're by far the best dual sport of the 250s. So you gotta rev em a little, no big deal.
  7. HellzyaaBuddy

    Riding alone

    What would i need a flashlight for?
  8. HellzyaaBuddy

    Extremely loud coil whine--normal for this bike?

    Yeah i guess so, it's pretty obnoxious, but I tend to not worry about stuff like excessive whining, I'm married. It ain't broke yet.
  9. HellzyaaBuddy

    Dual sport tires?

    I run tractionator IT front and D606 rear, great combo on and off road, absolutely perfect for high speed gravel bombing.
  10. HellzyaaBuddy

    Extremely loud coil whine--normal for this bike?

    Mines super loud, i think it's just the fuel pump priming though
  11. I've beat lots of cars, mostly they're missing sideview mirrors now.
  12. HellzyaaBuddy

    Where are the younger trail riders?

    I had a station wagon, i just strapped the front wheel in the back and drove with the hatch up dragging the bike on its rear wheel.
  13. HellzyaaBuddy

    Where are the younger trail riders?

    Tell us about the head injury.