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  1. HevyRotashunz

    In the market... have you seen the deals?

    I found a couple of rocks.
  2. HevyRotashunz

    98 Yz250 hand levers

    If you're not riding mx, put some hand guards on, flag style or full wrap.
  3. HevyRotashunz

    Suntop Trail: I'm taking it back

    Hey, what happened to grumpy gus, i liked him. [emoji23]
  4. HevyRotashunz

    front wheel diving in the sand and deep pea gravel

    Add 2-4 clicks of compression when hitting sand. Easy fix.
  5. HevyRotashunz

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    Mx52 is a very hard tire. I got 2k miles out of one on a pavement ridden dual sport. It was pretty good on hardpack and loose sand but bad in rocks and mud.
  6. HevyRotashunz

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    Well, he's been listening to mx guys too much so he's got track fever. I'd say a soft mx tire for winter and a medium for summer. Personally that means a kenda Equilibrium or Ibex rear at 4psi combined with a GT216 fatty front at 10psi, both on tubliss. As a newer dirt rider i bought cheaper, harder tires and that was a huge mistake.
  7. HevyRotashunz

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    As little as you actually ride, put the stickiest tires you can find on it, they'll help your confidence big time.
  8. Equilibrium has pretty wide knob spacing so it does ok in wet clay etc. It doesn't brake at all though and wears super fast. I was thinking to run an Ibex or 525 for winter.
  9. HevyRotashunz

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    Counter shaft and shifter shaft seals needed replaced. Got it done and replaced my coil which went bad simultaneously. All good for now
  10. HevyRotashunz

    I wanna race hare scrambles. But i don't know $!@#

    For a slow guy on tech the 18 incher with an equilibrium let me tractor up all kinds of stuff i couldn't make on mx tires. I already had my suspension sorted though.
  11. HevyRotashunz

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Timothy Lakes area.
  12. Awesome ride today, near Timothy Lakes on the edge of the Waldo Wilderness.