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  1. No, the clamp mount probends make the whole assembly super stiff and i don't notice vibes at all. Must be the perfect balance of my premium Wiseco crank assembly. [emoji23]
  2. HevyRotashunz

    Update to 98 YZ shock

    I resprung and valved my 99 yz shock, it works excellent.
  3. I do 3/4"-1" on each side to maintain stock width or slightly less with my probends installed.
  4. HevyRotashunz

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    You're either really fast or your trails are pretty smooth. [emoji38]
  5. HevyRotashunz

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Wow, those are very tough little climbs, impressive riding.
  6. HevyRotashunz

    What dirtbike should i buy?

    Depending on the terrain around you, a mx bike of any kind won't be much fun at all to trailride, specially not a 125 2 stroke. What area are you riding and what's your experience level?
  7. I think you misspelled "finesse".
  8. HevyRotashunz

    Random pics.

    Stoppie bar!
  9. HevyRotashunz

    What the AMA is doing to MX

    I pretty much just read James over and over these days. [emoji87]
  10. HevyRotashunz

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    I went out in the sloppy wet woods and tried not to displace any of my "neck bearings". Was great!
  11. HevyRotashunz

    What the AMA is doing to MX

    Everyone here thinks i'm a heathen lol. I memorized the entire Gospels when i was 8. I've always preferred the KJV, the language of Shakespeare.
  12. I have the Sunline and never even think about it. It's very good.
  13. Sure! He's still good even! I haven't even watched for a couple years but Freddie was on the leaderboard at the Masters within the last few years. No one will ever beat his skins records, dude is clutch on the money.
  14. Jealousy, i'm a short game artist but he's the best that ever lived.
  15. That doesn't explain the all time epic choke on 17 in the 06 open. Nor his propensity to hit into and from the hospitality tents. Nor his constantly rebuffed obsession with obtaining an In and Out franchise to support the weight of his magnificent bitch-tits.
  16. HevyRotashunz

    Yz250 Engine Questions

    You'll have a stamp on the cylinder someplace that has A,B,C, or D. Im not very experienced, there's a couple master builders on this section that can answer all those questions. @2 STROKE YZ DOC
  17. HevyRotashunz

    Yz250 Engine Questions

    You'll have to see what you find when you pull it apart but yeah that head shows marks from either being blown up previously or you could have some bearings floating around. When you tear it down you can measure crank play and check everything out visually. Get a manual if you don't have one.
  18. Im not an engineer, but i stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.
  19. HevyRotashunz

    Yz250 Engine Questions

    Looks ohhk to me but I'll bet when you pull it you'll see blow by. You gotta go up at least 2 sizes from stock on the main for sand or pavement riding. These things really hate pavement riding.
  20. HevyRotashunz

    Yz250 Engine Questions

    160 is pretty low, pull the jug, i bet your rings are done.
  21. I like A grade gravel only, i'm classy.
  22. HevyRotashunz

    Yz250 Engine Questions

    Protip, drain the coolant before pulling the head.
  23. Ok, thought i was talking to an idiot but you should understand that standing on the pegs reduces PMOI greatly, I was trying to keep it in simple lay terms. You're not wrong that the math says the flexible link doesn't change system COG but the practical effect of standing on the pegs is reduced PMOI, which makes the bike much more stable over uneven surfaces. The tires Ride Heavier.