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  1. I'm glad you guys don't critique my YouTube channel! I don't know if my skin would be thick enough to take the abuse?
  2. I like the baby monitor idea! I might implement that as another layer of security here at the house.
  3. I saw plenty of 250 engines on Alibaba but couldn't find the 400.
  4. Thanks for the views! I'm trying to grow that YouTube Channel so every view helps. If I have enough interest I might try to film all the hard enduros in 2018.
  5. From what I saw online, that 400 is used in a scrambler type street bike. The off-road bikes only go up to a 250. Also, the bottom on that engine more closely resembles an XR250 bottom to me, which might explain the 6 speeds.
  6. Yep, the YZ might be a better option just for the simple fact that they are the only Jap manufacturer that still produces a smoker.
  7. I've always had good success with the CR250 in the past. I had a '91 and '94 back in the 90's when I was younger and competed some. I always changed the reeds to a set that made better bottom end power(which calmed the explosiveness somewhat) and upgraded the pipe to a low end pipe and it would pull like a tractor(almost as good as an xr).
  8. I have been thinking the same way. I would like to get a lighter weight bike since I am in my mid forties. The 400 is just getting too heavy for me to ride aggressively for any extended time.
  9. After watching this race, I now better understand the market for the CRF450RX and why Honda built it. The "RX" is a perfect fit for a track just like this one and the video serves as evidence of that. It is an awesome off-road "race" bike!
  10. I am curious as to what you think of it. Be sure to let us know.
  11. I spent all weekend at a Mid East Series Hare Scramble. It was a super fast layout for the 7+ mile course. It was very evident that the big bore bikes had an advantage on a track with this sort of layout. Here is the video from the pro race. Let me know what you think.
  12. Just thought you guys might enjoy a little Mid East Series action:
  13. The lack of HP is the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger. It only has a two valve head instead of a four valve, so that is part of the problem. I think if it had about 10-15 more HP it would be perfect, but in stock form they only advertise 21HP. Of course, that is how they are able to offer a two year warranty. Other than the lack of HP, I really like it.
  14. One of these: