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  1. I've got a HotCams Stage 1 I will sell you for it. Has about 20 miles on it. I just didn't like it and put the stock one back in.
  2. I got to take the XR400 out this past weekend and test out the fresh front forks. It is amazing what some fresh oil and seals will do!
  3. The tensioner wears out and allows the chain to flop. That creates the knock that you hear. I know because I just fixed my knock by installing a new tensioner.
  4. It is the cam chain tensioner. Just go ahead and put one on it because I will guarantee that it will fix the problem. Ask me how I know.
  5. I have a Cali XR400 and it has all the factory emissions crap still on it. It runs great with it, so I haven't seen the need to remove any of it.
  6. My logic is a bit different. That particular bike is a one of a kind, custom, antique! It is therefore....PRICELESS!!!! AND...The fact that it has a good title makes it even more valuable!!! Whatever you do, Don't let these swindlers steal that priceless work of art from you for pennies on the dollar.
  7. Today was opening day at Enoree OHV. We rode about twenty miles and had a blast!
  8. I haven't, I did call them in Columbia and they said there's nothing they can do without a title. OK, I thought you had the certificate of origin. I guess Dakota is the way to go then.
  9. I registered my 2003 XR400 several years ago at the DMV in Spartanburg without any issues. Have you tried going to the DMV?
  10. How does the Dakota route work? What part of SC are you? Why not find a street bike for cheap and just slip the tags back and forth occasionally?
  11. delete
  12. OK, I am getting ready to take it apart again and eliminate all that decompression stuff. I will let you know how it turns out.
  13. Does anyone have a mechanical drawing of the valve assembly and decomp parts? Something just isn't correct around the decomp area.
  14. So I have mine apart currently and think I will remove the auto decomp. Exactly what pieces can I take out without screwing things up? Does the manual decomp shaft need to come out also? The reason I have apart is because it became noisy and hard to crank when cold.
  15. If you are just wanting to sell the XR400, let me know. I have a clean '02, but two is better than one!