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  1. Off-Road Adventures

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    I made a thread almost two years ago to the day specifically for videos and thought that surely by now a mod would have given it a sticky right below the thread for pictures. I guess that's what I get for thinking?
  2. Off-Road Adventures

    Speedo on CRF230F

    You would be better off just buying a handlebar mount for your smart phone and download a speedometer app. I use a speedo app in my Jeep since the speedo doesn't work in it. It is very accurate. I have a windshield suction cup mount for it.
  3. Off-Road Adventures


    I guess I am that guy from SC. I haven't had much of a chance to ride it yet, but hope to soon. I want to gather as much real world intelligence as possible on the PR4 and make some videos since there isn't that much out there about them.
  4. Off-Road Adventures

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Any way you can provide a part number for that e-start 200? That would make a great repower unit for older bikes!
  5. Off-Road Adventures

    1989 XR250 Barn find while on the hunt for XR200r parts

    Just raining with a steady breeze here in the upstate. Not nearly the storm the media portrayed it to be.
  6. Off-Road Adventures

    1989 XR250 Barn find while on the hunt for XR200r parts

    Did he have a street title for it? Not much use in converting it without a title.
  7. Off-Road Adventures


    You move to SC? How's the riding compared to Okie? Lived here all my life. You confuse me with Firestone I think. He is from Okie.
  8. Off-Road Adventures


    Just put mine up for sale if you are interested. $2500 Firm, Located in SC.
  9. Off-Road Adventures

    xr440 top-end rebuild

    I've got a HotCams Stage 1 I will sell you for it. Has about 20 miles on it. I just didn't like it and put the stock one back in.
  10. Off-Road Adventures

    XR Video

    I got to take the XR400 out this past weekend and test out the fresh front forks. It is amazing what some fresh oil and seals will do!
  11. Off-Road Adventures

    1993 honda xr250L tapping issue

    The tensioner wears out and allows the chain to flop. That creates the knock that you hear. I know because I just fixed my knock by installing a new tensioner.
  12. Off-Road Adventures

    1993 honda xr250L tapping issue

    It is the cam chain tensioner. Just go ahead and put one on it because I will guarantee that it will fix the problem. Ask me how I know.
  13. Off-Road Adventures

    '01 XR400 CA Emissions

    I have a Cali XR400 and it has all the factory emissions crap still on it. It runs great with it, so I haven't seen the need to remove any of it.
  14. Off-Road Adventures

    Selling strategy

    My logic is a bit different. That particular bike is a one of a kind, custom, antique! It is therefore....PRICELESS!!!! AND...The fact that it has a good title makes it even more valuable!!! Whatever you do, Don't let these swindlers steal that priceless work of art from you for pennies on the dollar.
  15. Off-Road Adventures

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Today was opening day at Enoree OHV. We rode about twenty miles and had a blast!