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  1. I was looking at a 2017 yz125 and i like the way it looks and everything, i currently have an 89 yz250 . the reason why is i think i could control the 125 better and its lighter and 1 inch shorter . i seen my 89 has 36hp at the crank or wheel idk, and from what i read the 125 has like 34 . the 250 is a little bit to much at times but if the 125 is only a little bit less than i think it would be a good choice. my only worry is that it would not be enough bike in the trails.
  2. Same bike i ride i like it but then again i dont know much different. the sales flyer said that it could do 96mph stock.
  3. bought a pair of fox gloves and they work fine
  4. i dont mind working hard , but when all you do is work all the $%#$^ time 6 7 days a week , all i want is a work life balance, and most places dont allow that so that is why youngsters are lazy.
  5. get a good one, when you crash wich will happen at some point ridding dirtbikes, your gonna want to have the best helmet you can have on. Look for sales i got a fox v3 for like 200 when it is a 350 dollar helmet, make sure its snell approved the dot doesnt mean shit.
  6. kicknw1ng

    Gas resistant/ heat resistant gasket maker

    i have anthother jug but the cylinder is no good huge gouge in it.
  7. kicknw1ng

    Gas resistant/ heat resistant gasket maker

    gonna try this, ......................................... i used this stuff the first time
  8. kicknw1ng

    Gas resistant/ heat resistant gasket maker

    id have to remove the jug at the moment, eventually when i get time i could post a pic.
  9. kicknw1ng

    Gas resistant/ heat resistant gasket maker

    would that be the same as if i just bought 2 gaskets? and yes its 2 stroke.
  10. kicknw1ng

    Gas resistant/ heat resistant gasket maker

    i bought a used jug and it looks like they grinded it a little bit to remove the old gasket or somthing
  11. where my jug sits on the case there is a leak. gas seeps out and the bike will hardly run. i had a brand new gasket in there, so i took it off and put some gasket maker stuff around there and i worked , bike ran awesome, but it only lasted so long. what are my options ??????
  12. kicknw1ng

    Kickstart wont kickback?

    i took the washer out that is supposed to be there, but it works great now.
  13. Figured it out, apparently there was a leak at the bottom of the jug, i had a gasket there but idk, i just put some gasket maker all over tighten the jug down, and now it runs great.
  14. kicknw1ng

    Painting plastic

    if your gonna paint it ill tell you how. it worked great for me no bubbling . sand it down from 400 600 and then 1000 make sure to really get it smooth, then apply a lot of coats of primer let it dry couple of days then prime it again, let dry couple of days then sand down really well with 1000 then paint a shit ton of light coats and some heavy coats of kyrlon fusion . it takes like 7 days for the paint to cure.
  15. kicknw1ng

    Thinking about selling

    Id probably just keep them but whatever its up to you.