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  1. Anyone able to ride Tues, Wed, or Friday this week?? Was thinking of heading out for a good weekday ride. Also thinking of Hood River as well if nobody is able to make TSF... I live in Vancouver so it’s a little bit of a drive but that’s not an issue. If anyone wants to come out & ride Jones Creek in washougal I Live very close too.
  2. Whens the best time of the year to Ride Gifford? Id really like to check it out sometime, looks like you get some epic views up there! Think its doable this week? I love riding during the week as there are rarely any people out on the trails..
  3. Hey man I apologize but I won’t be able to make it in the morning. Having a family medical issue & waiting in the ER now. Sorry for the late notice, hopefully next time..
  4. Is 10am ok? I’m coming from Vancouver so could be traffic in the morning. If that works for you I’ll driving a grey Tahoe with a kx250..
  5. Looks like I’ll have tomorrow off. Still want to meet up?
  6. Still waiting to see if I have to work, should know soon! Where are you thinking of riding? I’m not to familiar with the place but I’ve ridden Diamond Mill before along with Jordan Creek once.
  7. Might Head up there tomorrow!
  8. Anyone down for Hood River or TSF this coming Sunday or Monday? Looks like nice WX!
  9. Yep looks like more snow, maybe Sunday will be better. Best day now looks like Monday. Could be fun riding in a little bit of snow though..
  10. Anyone riding this weekend? Suppose to be nice on Sunday. Was planning on going to the east side and ride but too cold out there. Tillamook Forest or Hood River Sat or Sunday?
  11. flyinghigh32

    Central Oregon Snow-Free Areas to Ride

    I’m still not sure yet, been years since I last rode out on the east side. What’s the best place to camp for winter time? I usually go to ridersplanet.com and look up the staging areas & just pick one. Trying to see if I can get a group of riders to go & show me around. Don’t care for riding by myself especially in the winter.
  12. flyinghigh32

    Central Oregon Snow-Free Areas to Ride

    Anyone down to ride China Hat or surrounding areas this weekend? I’m coming from Portland area & plan on camping out in my truck camper Fri & Sat night. Never ridden out there before but would like to explore the area! I can keep a pretty good pace so not to worry..
  13. I’ll work on filling the holes out today & see how it fits. Says it fits 04kx250. Just slightly off on the bolt patterns though for the rad shrouds..
  14. It did come with the spacer for the rad bolt. I was able to get that to fit good. The remaining two upper bolts are just a little off, therefore when I tighten them they warp. I need to maybe drill new holes in the plastics just a little to the side so they fit more snug.
  15. flyinghigh32

    Oversized Gas Tank “ Post your Pics”

    Just installed the IMS fuel tank... It Did Not just bolt right on! Had to cut down the brackets it came with to get it to fit around some of the wiring. Plus the radiator shroud holes are slightly off the tank holes, therefore when bolting the plastics on tight they slightly warp. I'm sure i'll have to take them off again and try to get them to fit snug. Might have to file down some plastic to get them to fit better.. still not sure yet.. Anyone have this issue with their IMS tank?? Looks good, cant wait to ride & see how many miles I can go!