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  1. mephyst

    2017 crf450r here it is!

    Updated ride review! http://m.vitalmx.com/videos/features/First-Impressions-2017-Honda-CRF450R,14563/ML512,13480 So far first impressions are good! That's it, I'm placing an order!
  2. mephyst

    2017 crf450r here it is!

    Really haven't been excited about a bike like this in a long time. It looks like the media will be testing the 2017 in the next couple of days. http://m.vitalmx.com/videos/member/Untitled,14560/ML512,13480 Good info in that video. Looking forward to hearing a full ride report!
  3. mephyst

    2016 crf 450 ride impression

  4. mephyst

    CRF450 transmission oil

    I have a 2006 and always run 700ml in both the engine and trans. I've never had any issues! Funny story- when I purchased my 2006 it was brand new. The very first time I went riding I was letting it idle for a bit and started to hear this horrible engine squeal. I turned it off, kicked it over and it was gone. I never heard it for the rest of the weekend. I went home, put in the recommended 550ml of oil and started it up to cycle through. I heard that damn squealing noise again! I came on Thumpertalk, explained what happened and added another 150ml. I've been running 700ml ever since and I've never heard that noise again!
  5. mephyst

    2006 suspension on 2008

    Thank you. So I can just swap the forks into the 08' triple clamps? And the shock works great with the 08' linkage? I don't even know if there is a difference.
  6. mephyst

    2006 suspension on 2008

    I currently have a 2006 with suspension revalved by Factory Connection. I'm looking at purchasing a like-new 08' and selling my 06'. Would it be worth it to swap my suspension components? Will it work correctly, and is it a straight swap? Thanks!
  7. mephyst

    Favorite FRONT Dune Tire

    Most people run regular knobbies on the front. Has anyone tried anything like the Kings ribbed front sand tire? (http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/KING-FRONT-SAND-TIRE-8010021) I have tried to do some research on it, but there really isn't much to find. Do softer tires work better in the sand? Do pure smoothies work well? I've been riding dunes for 10 years and have never tried anything other than a typical MX tire. Just curious to see if any of you have a fun setup for me to try! I'm headed to Glamis in less than 3 weeks.
  8. mephyst

    Best crf450 replacement rear wheel

    I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know if that $728 included brand new stock hubs or did you have to send them yours? Thanks
  9. mephyst

    Powdercoating Stock Hubs in So. Cal

    Thank you, I'll check them out.
  10. Can anyone recommend a shop that they have used to powdercoat their stock hubs? If you have used a shop outside of CA I don't mind shipping if they are worth it. I want someone that has had experience doing hubs before and will make sure to take the extra time to prep them correctly and not get any paint inside the thread holes. Obviously, I'm looking for quality! I'm looking at tearing down my wheels and giving them a little bling. Also, what is the price range?? Thanks!
  11. mephyst

    Dungey to Leave Suzuki

    "We are contractually obliged to wait until October 1 before we can announce our new signing in America," explained KTM sport director Pit Beirer at the Nations. But any lingering doubts that Ryan Dungey will be the new man in orange next year were ended when Suzuki admitted that "2010 AMA Pro Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey, will be leaving the team at the conclusion of the 2011 motocross season." And Dungey will have a new model to race too. Read on ! "Two years ago we successfully introduced the 350, but some riders still want to have a maximum of power available, so we have invested all of the same technical know-how in a new 450. The new bike has a new chassis and engine, and, like the 350, is considerably lighter in weight and handling than the previous 450," admitted Beirer. "Our MX1 riders will each have complete freedom of choice after they have tested both the 350 and 450, but Toni Cairoli is so at home on the 350 I feel sure he will continue with it." Max Nagl is meanwhile waiting eagerly to start testing the new bike. Author: Alex Hodgkinson http://www.mx-pure.com/archive/news-20090318095900-20110921130235.htm
  12. mephyst

    What happen to the word "spoiler"!!!

    well that guy is never going to post again... haha
  13. mephyst

    Trey Canard Comeback

    Can't wait.... always been a huge Trey fan. Go Trey!!
  14. mephyst

    stewarts in for monster energy cup

    When is his contract with Yamaha up??
  15. mephyst

    villopoto is always ''sick''

    LOL! Exactly!