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  1. bbde17

    Woods bike

    I would stay 250 and under in the 2 stroke world. If your fresh off of a 150r a 300 2 stroke will be a monster. I’m not saying you can’t handle one trail riding. But racing one is a compley different ball game.
  2. bbde17

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Thanks!!! Wife and I made a proposition a 2 years back. She wanted a bigger house. I wanted a garage. So we put the addition on she wanted and I got my 26’x32’ garage. And yes I finally got the heater installed about a month ago. Pretty well spoiled now
  3. bbde17

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Here in Perth Ontario the snow is too deep now to even think about riding with studs, and it’s been too damn cold to even want too... So it’s cold beer and maintenance time.
  4. Well new rubber has been mounted on the rims, greased every moving joint, die-electric greased all then electrical connectors. And my suspension got sent away last Tuesday. Be a week and a bit before I see them back. After they are in the bike is ready to rock for spring!!! That can’t come soon enough
  5. bbde17

    Why and what

    Just a heads up I can’t see any photos if you have linked them to your post. Also on an iPhone. May or may not be the iseeu
  6. bbde17

    Dirtbike ~ LOW MAINTENANCE

    That will be less maintenance than the more race oriented versions like the crf250r. But it will still need work performed fairly regularly if you ride a lot You should be looking at one of these if you really don’t want to do anything. Which is also a somewhat loaded response. Air filters are always going to need cleaning every other ride. Also what is such a big deal about maintenance? Why are you so worried about not doing any?
  7. bbde17

    Dirtbike ~ LOW MAINTENANCE

    They are all low maintenance if you don’t do any. But don’t expect it to be in good shape for long.. your best bet is to look at a trail bike. Crf, ttr etc etc. If you want big bike performance your gunna have to do some learning and figure out how to take care of it
  8. well im sick as f%$# of this winter already, goin crazy waiting for next seasons race lineup to be released... finally got the heater put up in the garage so bike maintenance can begin. Got me wondering what everyone was planning on doing for upgrades to their trusty dirt scooters over the winter? mine always gets a full message, bearings all greased, general check on parts, electrical connections all checked just the general maintenance stuff. It also always gets a new set of boots. this year im trying a Kenda mx261 Fatty front tire and a Moto-z Arena hybrid rear. and i think im going to send the suspension away to stadium suspension for a re-spring and a re-valve job. what is everyone else doin ?
  9. Late to the convo but what the hell... Name is Dane, I live in Perth. Im riding a 2017 beta 250rr. Try and get to as many Offroad Ontario races as i can a season, its the best way to try new places in my mind. Im a Nov A mid pack rider..
  10. bbde17

    A study into neck braces

    Agree 100%. If you never crash. You are not riding hard enough
  11. bbde17

    A study into neck braces

    Haha. Same here. I went full hook
  12. bbde17

    A study into neck braces

    Did you actually read the report? It’s not scientists Or big company. It’s an emergency service who kept a tally on their numbers.... pretty hard to argue with the people treating the injured
  13. bbde17

    A study into neck braces

    Not sure what in hell I did. But I deleted my Post accidentally I believe the link I had attached was the same information as the original OP post just posted by a different source. All I can say is I’m 2 years wearing a neck brace and I feel naked without one now. Ya they can be a pain in the rear sometimes but it’s a peice of mind thing now. For me anyways
  14. bbde17

    I don’gon screwed up

    Ok I’m looking for some guidance from some one, anyone !!! I picked up an 06 XT225 a week or so ago. The bike has been sitting for 5 ish years or so. I don’t think I need to explain to most of you the condition of the fuel tank and carb when I got down to cleaning things up.... here’s my brain fart of the day, I made the mistake of trying to remove the carb slide guide and broke the damn thing in the process. Luckily for me Yamaha doesn’t list it on their parts break down. What is the next option for me? Has anyone ever found somewhere that sells them? Or makes them on a 3D printer ? I really don’t wanna spend $500 on another carb as it’s a buy and flip sorta thing. I live in Canada. And definitely can’t find any parts bikes on the regular sites. Anyways. Hope someone can point me in the right direction
  15. bbde17

    Ottawa canada

    I know this is an old post now but i live 45 min west of ottawa and ride as much as possible, if you havnt found it already check out the facebook page Ottawa Area Dirtbike, Atv and Sled Riders NO SALE GROUP its a page dedicated to folks looking for places and people to ride with theres usually always someone on there goin or looking to go ride