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  1. I have 2016 500 with 140hrs. I had the usual problems.... Seat too hard, replaced with Seat Concepts with wide front to accommodate the 3.1 gallon Ims tank I have. Kickstand tip way too small for the terrain here in Michigan. I put on the aluminum pad from Beta and now no more tip overs. The stock mirrors stalk broke early on, so I replaced them with Doubletake mirrors and I like them much better. After I used up the stock tires, I switched to the Goldentyre gt216 Hbn rear, love it. Wears pretty fast if you street ride much, which I do. I go with the Goldentyre fatty GT216aa in the front, it improved handling in sand, a lot. I balanced the tires for street using the weights in the pic. Bought them online, can't remember where, but they took almost all the shake out. Expensive though. Front and back 60 bucks, if I remember. Midwest Engineering short clutch lever works very nice. Reduced clutch pull. Not sure how much exactly, but it was noticeable and worth the price. The stock battery failed in the first six months and I have never once been able to kick start the bike. (That's with over 3000 miles on the engine) Now I carry an Antigravity jumper pack in my saddlebag. I had the problem with the fuel light staying on. Covered it with tape, no more problem. The dealer sent out a new part to fix it, free though. Replaced steel gears at 100 hrs and I always stayed with Motul oil. (I use the Scotts stainless oil filter, from Beta, when I built it) The bike has been great. Love it. You will too.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'm going to mount the new plastic and exhaust and see how it goes. Maybe it's the way the polisport edge hugs so close. Not a bag weight overload problem, because i always put the same stuff in that bag. Even when I had the stock fender. I did notice Giant Loop makes a heat plate that goes between the fender and muffler. 30 bucks though, so I'll probably make my own. Thanks again.
  3. More precisely I guess it's the number plate area of the fender. I have the new fender and I happen to be replacing the exhaust. Seems like there must have been something between the number plate and the exhaust that I forgot to get off the stock fender. The way it's on there now, the edge of the fender touches the exhaust. Btw, the discoloration higher up on the number plate is from the Giant Loop saddle bags. The bags discolored the last stock fender also, but no biggy because I always ride with the bags.
  4. I replaced the stock rear fender after a wheelie mishap, on my 2016 500. Must have forgot the exhaust heat tape or pad of some sort, because I melted through the new fender on the muffler side. I ride with Giant Loop saddle bags all the time so it always covered it and never happened with the stock fender. Anybody know what type of heat shield was under the stock fender? Btw, I tried some stick on flat heat shield after I noticed it, but it kept melting.
  5. Looks like a nice 520rs $3750, in Michigan.
  6. 2011 for sale in Clio Michigan now. $3750. I'd be all over it, if I didn't already have a new 500rs. May not be a good comp for you though, Beta's seem to go for lower resale here. Too many people still don't know how good they are, or even what they are.