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  1. RedRider250X

    technology in suspension

    Talk about the major work that goes into a factory suspension. I'm sure there's lots of info about the high tech parts they use. google is your friend.
  2. RedRider250X


    Congrats! I remember when I first got my X, I couldn't stop going to the garage, I had to make sure it wasn't a dream. There's sooo much info on thumpertalk, so you should have no problems with your bike.
  3. RedRider250X

    Mean/Racer look with light..

    Look in my garage. It's just a black sheet made for number plates that I cut to fit.
  4. RedRider250X

    So Cal TT Ride, Pismo or Mammoth?

    That sounds perfect
  5. RedRider250X

    So Cal TT Ride, Pismo or Mammoth?

    I graduate June 20, so I can make it any time after that. I could also probably go any weekend before too. Kennedy Meadows is a great place to ride, and will be perfect around that time.
  6. RedRider250X

    The old truck had to go.

    Awesome truck
  7. RedRider250X

    My new ride!

    That's going to look nice with some rims and tires And how hard was it to install the lift?
  8. That's pretty cool, but must have cost some serious money.
  9. RedRider250X

    I-5 track rental

    That would be a cool thing to do, but I think there is a limit as to the number of people that can ride. I thought CORVA did something like this though?
  10. RedRider250X

    I-5 track rental

    i will tell u, and thank you for helping me out, it will hopefully be soon
  11. RedRider250X

    Son's bike stolen!!!!!

    What's your first name by the way, so if we see it we can make sure it's not you riding it. I'll ask around school about it too.
  12. RedRider250X

    Son's bike stolen!!!!!

    I live in La Crescenta, so I'll keep an eye out for it. Kinda scary because none of our bikes are locked up either. What street do you live on?
  13. RedRider250X

    Finally Done!

    Looks sick. I like the black rims
  14. I was getting the idea that since micksrule has only posted to this thread, it is actually your alter ego
  15. RedRider250X

    Class A Vs. Class C RV

    I love our class A because of all the storage room underneath. Also, it cruises along just fine with that big 502. Not to mention the slide outs are great.