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  1. I only live about 30 minutes away but haven't been there in 15 years. Try looking up the Volunteer Riders club in Knoxville. Those guys go there a lot. Maybe one of them can help you out.
  2. motox745

    Who is going to The Big Buck

    Already pre registered. Hopefully it wont be a swamp fest.
  3. motox745

    IMS Coolant Recovery Tank 18 KTM300xc

    I put one on my 17 250sx. Purchased it from RM. IMS said that it was straight forward installation. Nope, no way, nada, and maybe. You half to remove the cylinder to install it because of interference with exhaust manifold. Other than that is slips right in. When I purchased it a year or so ago RM said that they were unaware of any installation issues.
  4. motox745

    Power valve rollers seized into jug - 200EXC

    Had it happen to me. Soaked it in WD40 for a while. Used vice grip on the gear and a screw driver thru vise grip to help twist it and also to pry on.. I also had to heat it up with a torch. Mine came out but had to replace them.
  5. motox745

    cutting the piston Down

    Cutting the bottom of the piston on the intake side will change the port timing just like lowering the piston dome above the rings on the exhaust side also changes port timing.
  6. motox745

    Mx Tracks near Nashville

    The only track that I know that's still open that's close to Nashville is R3mx and its probably still a couple hours away. Its close to Jamestown TN. For me its about an hour and forty away from me and I'm thirty minutes west of Knoxville. I don't know if Fast Farms or Thunder Valley is still open or not. They were only open a few times a year. Currently we have a track that's only about forty minutes away. Well maintained. Its WMMX in Sweetwater. Wishing you luck on your mx search.. If you like hare scrambles then there are several races close to Nashville. Check out MSXC.com.
  7. I thought that the 2108 300 came standard with all that stuff and more. hahaha
  8. motox745

    2018 250XCW suspension rework

    The stock fork as well as the Kreft modified fork has the compression on the top and the rebound at the bottom. The difference being the Kreft rebound control is at the bottom of the fork with the rebound clicker adjustment on the inside of the bolt that you turn for adjusting the rebound control. You can turn the revalve control to increase or decrease the pressure on the mid valve. I liked the idea of range of valving possibilities but at the end of the day the valving has to be correct. For me no amount of clicker, revalve control turning, and air pressure adjustments created a fork that was good in tight rock and root trails. I have went full soft on everything and as low as 125 psi on fork and it still doesn't work for me. Also before you ask I did go the opposite on fork settings and it only got worse.
  9. motox745

    2018 250XCW suspension rework

    I went with Kreft on my 2018 250sx. I was intrigued with the revalve control. I could have spent the money better elsewhere.
  10. motox745

    Kreft revalve control AER review

    Thanks for the post. I have been riding since 1970. Raced mx, enduro and hare scrambles have won local and state championships, finished second in the gncc series. In saying that I'm just a good local rider not some fancy hot shoe. I put a zip tie on fork leg and its around a inch and a half from bottoming so I don't think that's the problem.
  11. motox745


    I found the reset button. It cleared out the err03 and returned to 60.8 hours. Didn't start it. Hopefully it will continue to work. Thanks for the info.
  12. motox745


    Thanks, I'll check it tomorrow.
  13. Just noticed that the hour meter on my 17 250sx display reads Err03. What does that mean? Low battery? Didn't find anything in the manual about a code.
  14. motox745

    Best 250 model for TN trails

    I believe that the piston and cylinder are the same in all the 250 models. The difference being in the electronics and cylinder head. The transmission are different also. Just saying this because if you find a great deal on a sx or xc you could make it smoother with purchasing a head off a exc. The exc do have different suspension components also.