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  1. I have all the original parts many are cracked - overall the thing runs super
  2. I still have a beautiful 98 yz250
  3. I rode it up in the mountains and realized I need to change the oil and filters.
  4. you got a crack in that carb by the fuel T i would get on ebay and find something else
  5. nice sled
  6. I second the dirt star i have them and also dubya wheels are the best around.
  7. for motard maybe for dirt, might be ok. think about this you will need to run expensive gas.
  8. if you can pick it up 4 or 5 times in a row its great.
  9. smog pump makes it pop
  10. don't remove the screen until you put the smog pump bypass on
  11. my next project is to add the new honda pumper kit and the flexy air screw. but it starts on first kick now. so no need to jack around too much
  12. 14/52 gearing just about stock
  13. If you buy the trailtech get the new kit that includes the fin sensor, that will save you cutting your water hoses and installs in seconds.
  14. I like that flexy carb screw. there is a lot of junk in the way of the screw even with thumb screw kit its still a mess. I want the vapor kit with rpm and engine temp, both i can use.