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  1. tankslapper775

    Redbud was a bad idea

    Why would you say mud races no fun to watch or ride? Imo mud races are the best, survival and who wants it more! [emoji869]
  2. not sure where everyone is located but I'm in the desert of southern new mexico, side by sides deeply anger me, they do tear stuff up and in my experience have no regard for anyone but themselves. ive been toasted by two of them in washes. it sucks. I also own a jeep and have been in and around the offroading community since I was born, side by sides will end it for all of us if the owners aren't gonna be responsible. sucks but it is what it is.
  3. well I'm 5'6" and ive come to like the kawi high bend. a long time ago I used reed bends and they were good too. depends on terrain for me though. find what is comfortable and use it.
  4. tankslapper775

    Does anyone ride Japanese bikes anymore ?

    I do, have a crf a kxf and a yzf. Never sell out.
  5. R4 with a thor sentinel Sent from my SM-G950U using ThumperTalk mobile app
  6. tankslapper775

    Think my engine is blown?!

    Get new gaskets.
  7. tankslapper775

    Used low hour 06 450R, what to watch for?

    Have an 07 I love mine. No issues and its a tank. Use it for desert riding/racing.
  8. tankslapper775

    2002 crf450r..Am I wasting my money rebuilding it?

    I gotta know about that # now.
  9. tankslapper775

    Traction Issues

    If it's that bad change your sprockets, what size sprocket do you have on the rear? Try a 13 front 48 rear if that doesn't do it try a 14 and a 48
  10. tankslapper775

    Just bought 04 450. Recommendations?

    Send out the suspension, everything else can wait.
  11. tankslapper775

    2012 Kx250f with an 08 engine? Help!

    That's dirty. I'd flip.
  12. tankslapper775

    Head gasket blown

    2stroke or 4?
  13. tankslapper775

    Buying A Bike

    Look for damage, structural, radiators, engine, suspension, if you are able to find out hours I'd ask that, rebuilds, valve train, if regular maintenance was done, leaks. Everything if you were to buy a car.
  14. tankslapper775

    anyone near el paso or las cruces?

    Vet, we ride Riley quite a bit, at least once a month, pm me your number and I will save it and send you mine.